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Re: Black/White or Color??? and Is something missing?

Originally Posted by VTerlakyPhoto View Post
I think what's a little off are two things. First, your DOF is really shallow, only a few strands of weed are in focus, but the majority of the shot is out of focus. Personally I think that a slightly wider DOF would've worked better here. Second, these type shots usually try to portray the "never ending" field of <grass, weed, flowers - fill in the blank>. However in the background here there is a (very out of focus) dark structure, which is simply distracting to my eyes. It should either be in focus (or at least recognizable) to provide context, otherwise it should be omitted altogether. On a positive tone - the colours in the first pic are great, and I'm sure that the weed with just a blue sky in the back would look spectacular
"ahhhh I see"...I knew something wasn't just quite right...I had an image in my head...and yes now I understand since you mentioned the "never ending" vision. Thank you for helping me figure that part out...

I am gonna really practice today to widen my DOF...I have so long been stuck in "fast shutter speed" mode...time to broaden my horizon and learn more about aperture settings...which btw I am still trying to grasp the concept of. I think that is why my landscapes or shots like these never reach their full potential...(in my opinion...are JUNK!

Thank you so much for your feedback...It definitely was very informative and I learned a lot from it! I really am grateful!
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