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Re: Help with looking for a camera for newbie

I am going to throw you a little bit of a curve ball. I am going to recommend to you a used Pentax K01 with it's da 40mm XS lens. You can get it for your 200-300 dollar range if you don't get in a big hurry. I bought one just to get the lens and considered the camera a freebie.

It doesn't get a lot of love in the press. However there are some dedicated shooters who love it. It doesn't have a viewfinder. You use the 3" lcd screen on the back to compose the shot. you can use every Pentax lens ever produced including all of the old Kmount and M42 screw mount manual focus lenses.

The 40mm that comes with it is a corker and is worth the price of the combo in my opinion.

It's boxy and looks like a little brick but it has a darn fine sensor and in body stabilization that works on all lenses.

Bottom line is it's a fun camera that costs next to nothing used.

it has one drawback for me. If your intent is to chase your children around and photograph them or try to photograph live action sports it is far from the best choice, however if you are looking for a camera to take normal landscape and cityscapes and such it is a steal at the price it brings.

I would never sell mine for what I paid for it

Just some food for thought if money is an issue.