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Re: What is your favorite camera brand and why?

Interesting. The 6th and 7th posts speak to the complexity of attempting to answer what sounds like a simple, straight forward question, ie which is best. One is using fundamentally a point & shoot, which definitely has its place (if understood), and the other is analogous to a Ferrari. Medium format does provide some clear advantages but, in the ever present reality of compromises, certainly isn't best for everyone or even the majority.....IMHO.

If the question were rephrased to ask what DSLR was best, I'd advise to consider not just a camera body or body & lens but rather the FAMILY (ie brand) of products. There are things that each brand excels at. If those specialties are and will be the most critical to you, then THAT's where you should go. Many photographers develop a style and interest area(s) over time....tough to figure out beforehand. Thus I'd tend to recommend the 2 who generally have excellent products and address the widest range of situational equipment, ie lenses and accessories (branded and 3rd party).....Canon and Nikon, although Sony (in part formerly Minolta) seems to be making headway. Consider that you're investing in a FAMILY of equipment, compatible with one brand and not others. Many may already have forgotten that in the early days (10+ years ago) of digital, the film camera powerhouse Nikon was considered perilously close to being a non factor in the digital evolution. I've always owned Canon. Barring any huge shift in technology, I have too much invested in existing equipment to realistically consider a system change for marginal differences here and there in the whole array of equipment or features. Canon clearly reigns supreme in certain areas, foremost amongst which includes 35mm tilt/shift lenses.....but those aren't for everyone.
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