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Re: What is your favorite camera brand and why?

Originally Posted by Russ View Post
If the question were rephrased to ask what DSLR was best, I'd advise to consider not just a camera body or body & lens but rather the FAMILY (ie brand) of products.
That I completely agree with. After time, we (photographers) are so invested in one system that switching would be difficult to say the least.

I stick with Nikon because of my heavy investment in glass and assorted accessories that go with that brand.

Would I call the D3 the best? It is for me, but that doesn't necessarily make it the best choice for anyone else.

I've chosen to skip the D4 (mostly because I shoot medium format most often) partially because my current bodies (D3) serve the purpose very well when needed.

Most conversations that begin with "what is best" often boils down to "what you use". All the hard and heavy debates fall into this.

Many years ago I learned that a camera (and all it's gear) are simply tools to be used by the photographer. None is directly more important than any other. In the right hands, under the right circumstances, any camera can capture a great image. On the other side, the best equipment in the wrong hands will capture lousy images.

Now, at the point where any camera manufacturer wants to pay me to be their spokesman, they will become the best camera ever made

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