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Re: How are Nikon cameras in terms of durability?

Originally Posted by The_Animal View Post
agiledogs; mine must see light use compared to yours. I'm at about 35,000. And planning on getting a second D300s. (can't afford to pick up the D500). Besides, I'm having too much fun acquiring Lee filters.

OP (shumi31): Nikon cameras are durable; I've got the D300s and it's built like a tank. The D4 even more so. If you're going for the pro models; the shutters are built to take a lot of abuse (short of dropping your camera on a regular basis). If you're going for the consumer grade, those shutters are rated for 65,000 shutter clicks, but will more often than not go over them by a considerable margin. So yes. Either consumer or professional grade cameras will be good solid cameras for the money.
Thank you for your suggestion, now I will go for it.