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Originally Posted by agiledogs View Post
HOw does the focusing work with IR converted camera's I know with film there was something like a red dot on the older lenses for use with IR film
This question is a little above my pay grade Clark , but I will attemp to explain it, as it was explained to me. (Technical difficulties omitted ). With the mirrorless camera, the focus is achieved from the sensor, so the lens does not have to be recalibrated. On the D80 the lens (Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 D) had to be calibrated to focus to focus IR light. The technical difficulties I spoke of. Also I use a 24mmf/2.8 AI-s that has the IR dot but that focus is hit and miss so to speak as the dot is not exact. Check out LifePixels web site they have a lot of information. Join us in IR, photograph light you cannot see, it's a blast.

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