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Re: Seriously On the Decline...

Originally Posted by Nod View Post
I find this so sad. We had so much fun over on Pop photo and we all came here to carry on. What happened ? Was it because we went from film to digital and we ran out of conversation and ideas ? We were all learning and giving advice and ideas and then it all became mundane. We used to joke and tease and give critques and have fun. What changed ? As I mentioned here on this site some time ago we would have 10/20 responses to a post, now nothing. I logged into this site several times this weekend and got "No new posts" every time. I will keep looking in but for how long. Only Clark, OrvSal, John, Spicoli and squirl033 seem to show up here regularly. I was surprised, but glad to see Lou check in today. Is there any chance of saving this forum?
Yeah, I miss the old days too Nod, but as years go by things change in peoples lives, and sometimes they get very busy, or ill, or lose some interest. Joe mentioned things like FB, and I think there's some truth to that. Younger photogs are all about that stuff. We did have a lot of fun in the POP days back when people could still be friends regardless of their politics, but that's another thing increasingly rare these days. In any event, as long as we all pop in here from time to time there's hope.