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Originally Posted by Nod View Post
I just opened an account at Imgur and uploaded to this site. But , I too have a question about posting a photo here. Is it possible to post an actual photo or just the link ? We use to be able to do the pic but now all I see are the links and I have to click on them.
that's a new one for me Nod. Imgur, I have not heard of it brfore. Thanks for the input.

Originally Posted by agiledogs View Post
there are other services like photobucket (though they seem to complain if you 3rd party link your images they host) and paid services like smugmug and Zenfolio. The big problem I see with many people is they are not getting the right link and copy the URL. The URL for an image link must end with .jpg or it does not work and you need to then put it in URL tags as a link,

There is a gallery provided here, but file size is limited as well as number of images and you can link those images as well.

As of now the mods don't really have any ability to check or modify anything in with the local fact about all we really do is edit posts, delete posts (spam killing) and act as kind of a mediator between two persons for conflict resolution.
Thanks Clark. I'm looking into smugmug, might be the way to go, and get rid of a couple that are not preforming as well as I expected.

Originally Posted by OrvSal View Post
I've been using smugmug for quite a few years and it has been a good site for what it is used for.
Thanks Orv. That's good to know.

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