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FT/FS: Sony Nex 6 with Lens Turbo II, Gariz half case, and 5 Lenses

Great walk around camera setup that's great for shooting in low light and getting razor thin depth of field. If you wan't the low light capabilities and shollow DOF of full frame but can't afford it, this is a great option. The nex 6 is in mint condition (plastic screen protector since day 1). It could pass off as new, not a single mark on it. Same with the Lens Turbo II (Minolta MD Mount) and the Gariz leather case. I'm including 3 batteries, a usb charger and a Lowepro passport sling bag. The lenses are in great condition. The 50mm, 28mm and 75-200mm have filters. I only have the lens caps for the 35-70mm and the 75-200mm. The lenses are:

Minolta 50mm 1.7 with case

Minolta Celtic 28mm 2.8

The great Minolta 35-70mm parfocal Macro 3.5. By far the best legacy zoom lens I've tried. One of my favorite lenses ever. It's often described as "a stack of primes". This is one of the few lenses built in collaboration with Leica. Minolta produced and rebadged them for Leica R series cameras. These are getting harder to find, there's none on ebay right now. It took me a while to find one in this condition, I paid $150 for it.

Five star 75-200mm Macro 4.5 with case

Black Sony 18-55mm (Taken off a Nex 7).

I'm Mostly interested in trading for a panasonic lx100, fz1000, or G7 but i'm open to all trades (mirrorless or DSLR). Sorry for the crappy pictures, they were taken with my phone.