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Old April 17th, 2007, 11:00 PM
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The Corner Creator
Contributor Award: This award is given to those who contribute either an article for the resources section, or contribute to the community in another exemplary way. - Issue reasonContributor Award: This award is given to those who contribute either an article for the resources section, or contribute to the community in another exemplary way. - Issue reasonContributor Award: This award is given to those who contribute either an article for the resources section, or contribute to the community in another exemplary way. - Issue reasonContributor Award: This award is given to those who contribute either an article for the resources section, or contribute to the community in another exemplary way. - Issue reasonContributor Award: This award is given to those who contribute either an article for the resources section, or contribute to the community in another exemplary way. - Issue reason
Volume 4, Issue 3 - April 2007

PhotographyCorner.com Newsletter
Volume 4, Issue 3

1) I'm Back!
2) Sponsor: BIGFolio
3) A Guide to the Corner
4) Contests: Who, What, Where, Why, When and How?
5) "Noteworthy Notables"
6) The Catch-Up Game

1) I'm Back!

Did you miss me? You did? Awww... thanks. So if you don't know the scoop, here it is. Basically, my wife was offered a job in Barrie, Ontario (we were living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, if you remember). She accepted, and we started packing. Then, I threw out my back. For anyone that has thrown out their back before, you know what a pain in the... back it is. Needless to say, that slowed down the moving process a bit (and also prevented me from sitting in front of the computer for any decent amount of time). I drove out to Barrie (about a 2,000km drive) to find us a house - again, not as fun as it could have been with a bad back (imagine driving for 24 hours with a stiff back...). Then, of course, there's all the fun of moving. I'm happy to report that my back is doing better - still a little stiff, but not sore - and we are more or less moved into our new house in Barrie, Ontario (that's about an hour north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada for those of you unfamiliar with the area). All in all, I'm about 5 weeks behind on work. That means if you sent me a PM or email or anything, I'm probably just getting to it this week. We missed a couple of contests (Contest Corner Challenges, but we managed to not miss any PotM contests) and the newsletter last month. It'll take me a little while to get caught up, but I'll get there, I promise. The Corner may have seemed a little slow as of late, but it will pick up again (CCC#32 will be announced in just 1 week!). Anyways, enough about me... on with the newsletter!

2) Sponsor: BIGFolio

I'm sure you've all already heard of BIGFolio, as they've sponsored the last several Photograph of the Month contests, as well as the last couple of newsletters. For those of you that haven't been paying attention, go to http://www.bigfolio.com and check them out. Go ahead. I'll wait for you. Ok. You had a chance to look it over? By looking at their site, you'll have observed that they're a web design and hosting company for amateur and professional photographers who provide photographers with stunning designs, an intuitive administration tool, reliable hosting, and the best customer support in the industry. They sponsored the February, March and April 2007 Photograph of the Month contests here on the Corner by offering the winners a choice of one of their Standard web site templates and a year of free site hosting (BIG Folio website templates allow you to add your logo, change site colors, add/remove pages and text, add/remove galleries and images, and more! The template and 12 months of hosting is a $660 value). Just ask Andy, jessiah and Oneof42 who have already won a site from BIGFolio in the PotM contests. Doesn't it make you want one too? Go to http://www.bigfolio.com for more information on how to get your own BIGFolio.

3) A Guide to the Corner

Are you new to the Corner? Maybe you joined a while back, but you're a little shy, or a little overwhelmed with how to make the site work? Don't worry - we're here to help. First off, we're glad you made the decision to join the Corner; now you decide what and how much you want to take advantage of all the features this community has to offer. We have the forums, contests, projects, galleries, blog, resources, tutorials, articles and more being added all the time. Even I get overwhelmed sometimes! Here's a list of a bunch of good resources that should help you find various places on the site, along with some tutorials and guides on how to use the site to its fullest potential.

* Welcome to the Corner: http://www.photographycorner.com/for...ement.php?f=10
* The Forum: http://www.photographycorner.com/forum
* Forum Guidelines: http://www.photographycorner.com/for...read.php?t=587
* The Blog: http://www.photographycorner.com/blog
* The Galleries: http://www.photographycorner.com/galleries
* The Resource Center (articles, tutorials & product reviews): http://www.photographycorner.com/resources
* Critique Corner Guidelines: http://www.photographycorner.com/for...ement.php?f=19
* Feedback Corner Guidelines: http://www.photographycorner.com/for...ement.php?f=50
* Where to Post your Photos: http://www.photographycorner.com/for...ead.php?t=5460
* Info in Premiere Membership: http://www.photographycorner.com/premiere-membership
* How to Upload Photos to the Galleries: http://www.photographycorner.com/for...ad.php?t=48217
* PotM (Photograph of the Month) Info: http://www.photographycorner.com/for...read.php?t=384
* CCC (Contest Corner Challenge) Info: http://www.photographycorner.com/for...read.php?t=494
* Still Have Questions: http://www.photographycorner.com/for...splay.php?f=18
* Or send me a PM: http://www.photographycorner.com/for...e.php?do=newpm

4) Contests: Why, What, Where, Why, When and How?

You love the contests. The Photograph of the Year spectacular, the Photograph of the Month showdowns, the Contest Corner Challenges. You love checking out the entries and winners ( PotM Winners: http://www.photographycorner.com/pho...h-of-the-month - CCC Winners: http://www.photographycorner.com/con...rner-challenge - PotM Galleries: http://www.photographycorner.com/gal...ry.php/cat/627 - CCC Galleries: http://www.photographycorner.com/gal...ry.php/cat/626 ), but you want to enter them yourself. Your photography is up to par. But how? Well, the easiest way to keep on top of all the contests is to subscribe to the Corner Blog either via RSS or email (link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/photographycornerblog ). But here are the nitty gritties.

Photograph of the Month
Basically, you can't enter it. What? That doesn't seem fair... The only way to have your photograph included in the voting for the Photograph of the Month contest is to have your photograph nominated. How do you have a photograph nominated? By posting it on the forums, of course. The more (and better) photographs you post, and the more active you are in the community, the more likely you are to be noticed, and thus, have a photograph nominated. Ok, that's easy enough, but how does one nominated a photograph? Well, the only people that can nominate photographs are Premiere Members (paid membership has some perks, you know). For more information on Premiere Membership, check out http://www.photographycorner.com/premiere-membership Once the photographs are nominated (usually somewhere in the neighbourhood of 75-100/month), I narrow the list down to the top 10-15, and the entire community votes on which photograph should win during the last week of every month. Simple enough, eh?

Contest Corner Challenges
Now these contests (with the exception of the past month+) run every 3 weeks. Anyone can enter (as long as you're a member of the Corner, and you obviously are since you've received this newsletter). Oh, and it's free to enter, too. Oh, and you can win some awesome prizes, too... and I'm not talking like a free hat here, like prizes valued in the $500+ range. So how do you enter? Just keep your eye on the Contest Corner Challenge forum (link: http://www.photographycorner.com/for...splay.php?f=26 ), the Corner Blog (link: http://www.photographycorner.com/blog ) and the Corner Calendar (link: http://www.photographycorner.com/forum/calendar.php ) and you should know about all aspects of every Contest Corner Challenge, from when they'll be announced, to when entries are due, to when voting starts and ends, to when the winner will be announced. Every CCC has a different theme, and the rules are listed here: http://www.photographycorner.com/for...read.php?t=494

Now you know, and have no excuse not to enter. I'm looking forward to your entries!

5) "Noteworthy Notables"

Noteworthy Notables is the section of the newsletter to catch you up on some stuff that you might have missed around the Corner in the past month. Since I haven't been around the Corner much in the past month, I'm a little out of the loop myself. As I catch up this month, keep your eye out for a bunch of new "Articles By Amy" hitting the blog, as well as a couple new featured authors. I'll also be covering (a month late...groan) PMA along with a bunch of product announcements and releases that have happened over the past 2 months. To keep on top of all of this, there's only one place you need to be: http://www.photographycorner.com/blog (and to subscribe, go to http://feeds.feedburner.com/photographycornerblog ).

6) The Catch-Up Game

Now that I am more or less moved (not including a couple dozen boxes and half my office), I am starting the catch-up game: replying to PMs and emails, catching up on blog posts and contests, continuing to add a backlog of submitted tutorials and articles, etc, etc. While it will take me several weeks (or more) to get fully caught up, I appreciate your patience as I ease myself back into continuing to make the Corner the premiere website for photographers on the internet. If I've missed something that you feel needs my attention, please email or PM me and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. I look forward to the continuing, with your help, to grow the Corner into the ultimate resource and community for photographers on the internet. Now, go out and take some photographs...!

See you around the Corner,
Tim L. Walker
Tim L. Walker ||| Barrie Mortgage Broker ||| Barrie Web Development ||| thebassman.ca
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