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Old May 10th, 2007, 12:23 PM
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welcome to the corner. you willlove it here penny
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Old May 11th, 2007, 08:25 PM
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Well thank you all so much, for your wonderful comments.

I promise not to dissapoint you and present you will some incredibley spectacular images and text that will astound you!

No one complains up here, ever, happy happy happy out on the ocean ice. it is like Christmas time, that is the only way I can explain all the excitement.

that is.. of course, unless you have to wash the dishes !

this is not a posed photograph.. we had to evacuate the ice. Back on land (can't you tell) right in the middle of a snowmobile highway. we are next to the ocean ice.

After the mad frightening dash back to land safely, everyone is thirsty, so we need clean cups, melt ice to get fresh drinking water to make coffee, tea, hot chocolate!

When the wind shifts from North to South wind, we have to run like hell. I mean it.. time is precious. It takes 8 hours to set up a whaling camp. 15 minutes to get the hell out of there, Seriously.. ICE IS COMING, and it will run right over everything in its path.

Not quite what you expected to see, after the ice ran over our camp!

Midnight in the Arctic, is very cold when that sun goes down !

Alapa is how you say cold in Eskimo (ah la pah) now, how you pronounce that word, is how you determine how cold it is outside.

Alapa is cold Ahhhh la pahhh is very very cold !!
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Old May 11th, 2007, 09:12 PM
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Wow. Anthrpological marvels. I would really like to see something like that first hand. Beautiful work.
"I worked so my cats could play."
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Old May 11th, 2007, 11:40 PM
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wow nice! and welcome to the corner!
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Old May 12th, 2007, 05:22 PM
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Thousands of years of time tested methods..

Eskimos have many "tricks" we use to keep warm out on the ocean ice pack.

Of course it is very important what you wear,
Dirty clothes cannot keep you warm, they must be clean.
but even more important is WHAT you eat, & when you eat it.

Are you cold ? pick up that hacksaw and slice some thin strips of caribou meat that is raw and frozen !

Swallow those strips whole, do not chew them, FILL YOUR STOMACH FULL. Now your stomach has to work very hard to try and digest all that frozen meat (or fish). This is "quaq"

when you eat in this manner, (a hunters breakfast) your body will push out body heat the likes of which you have never ever experienced in all your life. At temps of 30 or 40 below we are taking clothes off because we are too hot !

Eating a hot meal will make your body relax and you will soon become cold.

Fresh doughnuts every day, fresh duck soup every day, the food is just great, a two month long picnic out on the ocean ice at sub zero temps.
Caribou soup is delicous, there is no fat on caribou meat, grind up 3 pounds and place in a skillet and cook it, when you are finished, there will be less than one teaspoon of fat!

Aquaiq is preparing caribou meat for soup.

It sure doesn't look cold out does it ? ha ha ha.!! it is below zero !!
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Old May 26th, 2007, 05:13 AM
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My whaling captain

Jake Koonuk is the person responsible for me obtaining all of these images.

I had a purpose, and that was to fly to Barrow Alaska (top of alaska) to attempt to attend a CLOSED meeting of the Whaling captains and the quota system that is in effect for these people.

I had to process these images using snow, it took me a long time to process 60 rolls of color film and print the 11 x 14 images for an album to bring to Barrow.

Even if your an Eskimo, you cannot attend this meeting, it is closed. Whaling Captains only. I like those kind of odds!

I worked feverishly around the clock for months to get this ready. finally the day arrives that I fly up to Barrow to present my photographs.

The morning of the meeting I was walking down the street in Barrow with album in hand, my foot hit a piece of slick ice and i went completly horizontal, and landed hard and the album went flying into the air, came down hard broke both front and back covers and aplattered all over the place, in mud. I just sat there and cried like a little child. Got up, and picked everything up, months of work, ruined, I wiped the covers off the best I could and the pages were a mess. sticking out every which way, this is how I opened the door and tried to gain access, I was thrown out immediately, Outside I collected my thoughts and tried to think positive despite the cirumstances I was "dipped" in. I used my shirt to clean up a bit and put my jacket back on and went back in, INSTANTLY I was thrown out again... oh well.. there is only one thing to do,, that is to try again.. as I walked in again as they approached to grab me to throw me out, I opened the albumm and yelled, you need these photographs, after some whispering,

I was allowed in, and got to get up on the podium and speak with very powerful world leaders of the International whaling commission and two state senators, I spoke for 1/2 hour in Inupiaq and in english, I apologized for my appearance and the condition of the album, I informed them I would immediately ship up a new album when I returned to point hope, for I had the forsight to make 7 albums all with hand written calligraphy .

I received this a few days later after they received the new album

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Old May 26th, 2007, 06:37 AM
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Welcome to the corner and thanks for all the fantastic pictures. This is just amazing. Alaska is an amazing place to live in. A friend of mine is going there next month for a trip. Looking forward to more shots.
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Old May 26th, 2007, 09:23 AM
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Welcome to the corner. The north, it doesn't matter if Alaska, Canada, Island, Greenland or Norway tracked my attention since i've been young. So I really look foreward to see more from you!!
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Old May 26th, 2007, 10:34 AM
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Well Gentlemen , each from Israel WowoW !!

WowoW would I love to trade places with you two gentlemen. Israel, I would give anything to trade places with each of you.

Zaplig & Lucipaz I am so impressed ! Shalom (Hugs) !

Oh oh .. .. Polar bear... ... you better be watching all around you, He blends in with his enviorment easily. Ke knows how to conceal himself from seals by putting his paws over his nose and hiding his eyes. so that when a seal comes up at a breathing whole. the black areas are hidden well and a quick look around by the seal, reveals only white, swipe, too late, burp !

Lets talk about Nanook of the North .. .. A movie made many decades ago, fictional but Ironic, Nanauq is the Eskimo word for Polar Bear, In the Movie about a "person" this was not true, that was NOT his real name. but ironically in real life, he died by being eaten by a polar bear!

Nanauq is a ferocious beast, a predator, extremly dangerous, and very unpredictable.
At certain times of the "month" women have to leave the ice. and go home, A polar bear & whales have a very unique sense of smell and they can smell blood from many miles away.

The last thing we want or need out here, is a polar bear, we try our best to avoid them, but they wander off the ice pack into the village every year. Just a few, perhaps as many as five.

We do our best to get them out of town, back on the ice safely, sometimes this is not the case and we have to take them down quickly.

J.J. "Russell Lane" with a skin from his first bear, back in 1989

There are so many traits abuot a polar bear that people are not aware of, Aw,, how cute. NO ! THIS IS ONE FEROCIOUS PREDATOR.

Scientists are recently baffled about the recent amount of polar bears they find drown in the water. The claim that the bears cannot swim the huge distances from ice pack to ice pack.
THATis not the reason, the real reason is the polar bear is hungry, and he makes the mistake of trying to attack a "sleeping" walrus. by gong for the vital neck area on a walrus when he is sleeping on his back with his head bent back revealing that neck region.
When the polar bear makes this mistake, the sleeping walrus merely lowers his head, placing the tusks aruond the bears neck and rolls over into the ocean and quickly drowns the bear.
A walrus can dive to depths of 850 feet !

ALL BEARS.. .. .. Are "left-handed". they will always attack with the left paw first.

Even after a hunter has killed a polar bear. that bear is dead, killed, dead. that bear.. .. can still kill that hunter.

YOu better know exactly what to do when you open one of these animals. Get any of that "juice" on your skin, YOUR DEAD !

There is just too much VITAMIN A inside of a polar bear, and the potency of this concentrated "liguid" will kill you upon contact with the skin, it is quickly absorbed, death quickly follows.

The liver must be carefully cut out and destroyed by fire. the tubes must be carefully tied off. all clothing is burned.

Admiral Perry and his expedition to the North Pole lost 3 members from attempting to eat a polar bears liver.

Barrow Alaska, 1940's an Inupiaq hunter was finished up, cleaning a polar bear, he blew on his hands, to warm them up and got the tinest bit of juice on his lip.
He is/was well known all over the upper Arctic region, he lived many many years and was well known. HIs skin was bleached white as snow, same was true of his hair.

I lost a very close personal friend in Point Lay (north of here) Dec 1990 Charles Stalker Jr.-III. A polar bear was going after his pregnant girl-friend. Charles distracted the bear away from his girl-friend, He was armed only with his small knife. He did not have an Eskimo parky on, just a thin jacket, That first siwpe cut Charles in half and he was quickly eaten, before being blasted by the villagers. Charles,heroic actions saved two lives that day, His girl-friend and his "son" Charles Stalker Jr. (V.
Charles was my electrical apprntice in that village. sob..

Polar Bears are now on the endangered species list, but then quickly taken off, there are many more in the population than was originally estimated.

recently a mother and 3 cubs entered town. they were all safely led out of town back to the ocean ice. We are only allowed to kill them in self defense.

Last week, a huge bear entered town, That bear had to be taken down. Mario Cassados got his very first bear. There is only one place to shoot a polar bear, one fatal spot, in the ear.

Allan Rock was once out on the ice, and was attacked by a bear, Allan took that bear down1 with just his knife.

Billy Weber was on the ice armed with only a .22 rifle when a polar bear came around a huge piece of ice and started to run towards him, Billy ran, he had one bullet left, he took off, HIs friends could see this happening, there are many witness.
they were just too far away to help him, Billy running for his life, the polar bear is gaining on him. they can run @ 40 mph!
As Billy was running, he merely pointed that rifle back as he ran. .. .. .. the bear was taken down by ONE .22 BULLET in the EAR. he was that close.

There are many such bizarre tales here in the North Slope region of Alaska. And even in Anchorage Alaska.. .. at the zoo!

1996 or 7 I believe. A white person in Anchorage went to the crowed zoo one day, and decided he was going to take a swim with the polar bear behind huge double thick bars, He squeezed through to IMPRESS someone of his "stupidity" ! He jumped into the water, (summer-time) that bear quckly went for him and with one swipe ripped his testicles off, he survived that attack, and lived to prove his stupid actions. He tried to sue the zoo, but the judge thew the case out, "for lack of supporting evidence" (PUN INTENDED). The huge 2" thick double steel bars were ample warning for people to stay OUT.

The hunters responsibility is to clean the bear. It is the woman's responsibility to claen and tan the skin using very sharp Ulu eskimo knives. This is a tremendous amout of work and requires many women and the entire day to accomplish this task.

Once the skin is scraped and is all soft and clean, that bear is tied with a rope and secured then thrown into the ocean to clean it. After a few weeks, then it is put up to dry, in the strong Arctic prevailing North wind.

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Old June 1st, 2007, 01:45 AM
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Whale bone graveyard

The whale-bone graveyard in Point Hope is the only one in the world.

over 150 of my closest friend are buried in this graveyard. Death is no stranger in point hope! sob.

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