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Old June 1st, 2007, 02:12 PM
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This is the most interesting series I have ever seen! Great work!
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Old June 1st, 2007, 10:00 PM
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To all and everyone Gosh . Thanks for all the comments

I am so thankful for all, that have taken the time to read and view these images. I suffered greatly beyond what I can describe out there on that ice pack. To be "thrust" from one world to the next. often left me wondering.. "how did I ever get out here".

I am here, and I am posting for one purpose only, to educate, inform the people around the world. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

this is being posted on over 30 different photo forums all over the internet. this has been sent to ABC news (regarding the current closed meetings w/U.S. Japan & the International Whaling commission). With all photographs and text. American PhotoJournalist is a professioal web sight made up of the top editors, publishers, and photographers in the country. It is a very difficult process to gain access to membership of their web site. I attempted this long process. I had to explain why. and I was given the right to upload one dozen photos with text. After perhaps 1/2 hour I got an e-mail message stating that the submission had to be reviewed by the entire staff.. I was shocked when they granted me access to this famous web site.

THIS STORY HAS TO BE TOLD: We are on the verge of extinction our culture is rapidly being torn from us.

THIS CULTURE & SUBSISTANCE LIFESTYLE IS 3,000 YEARS OLD. IT MUST NOT PERISH. "The ocean nas an abundance of animals and fish." Silly childlike agencies that have to resort to lies and deceit are not fathomable by these innocent people. WHY ? do you want to DESTROY US ?.

This unique culture/lifestyle is on the brink of extinction.

Something must be done to preserve this unique culture of the Oldest people in North America
There is / are mcuh demonstrations going on outside of this meeting in Anchorage Alaska as I am typing this. GROUPS AND ANIMAL rights activists despretly seeking to destroy this culture. come sit uphere oout on the ocean Ice and wait for food. they wouldn't last 5 minutes. Where are we suupposed to go for food.?? $135 dollars for a small turkey that will only feed one family for one meal?

Japan stubbornly refuses to give up on Commercial Whaling activities. They have just finished harvesting 1000 whales for scientific purposes, the whale is discarded laaving only the meat which is sold. The 800 people of Point Hope are allowed 10 strikes, ten attempts, We have one stirke left this year, We have only captured three of those 9.

JJ Russel Lane Struck a whale this year, That whale was never found despite the "Avatakpak" still attached to the whale (bobber / float). That whale was spotted in Wainright Alaska by Inupiaq hunters, when they went after that whale, they backed off, because JJ's whale had two whales guarding it. One on each side of the injured whale protecting it from any hnnter activities. We are one with the whale and leave it alone.

3 Small "teenage" whales are not enough to feed 800 people. 1000 dead whales discarded and sold for profit is a miscarriage of justice and food. These people in the North Slope need THEIR FOOD. or they will perish and this culutue/lifestyle will dissapear THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN.

Thousands of years of age old traditons, skill, knowledge must not VANISH.

These people possess unheard of skills in many varied and astounding ways.

Painis universal throughout the world. every one knows how awful pain can be. There are NO DOCTORS, here in the village of Point Hope. But we have something "better". Rosella Stone.. .. .. Dorcus Rock.. .. .. .. EVA Long.. .. .. .. Titus Nashookpuk.. . are just a few of the "Tribal Doctors" here in Point Hope. "DELLA KEATS" is / was a living legendhere above the Arctic circle. "Healing Hands" was her legacy.

In the Manilliaq Hospital ni the Arts & Crafts display case, there sits a 10" high home made doll of Della Keats $10,000 !

It exact likeness and detail right down to the exact hairdo has been skillfully replicated including her "healing hands" that she was famous for.

I was in INCREDIBLE PAIN: one day many years ago, when I happened to need the skill and hands of a Tribal Doctor.

I was adamadantly skeptical about this. I was hurting and in pain and my neck was all messed up. This used to happen to me evrey few years in Boston, when your neck is bent over with a pinched nerve. It would take many visits and a few weeks for a "Chripractor" to get me out of this state or condition by "bone crackinig" and other assorted methods that chriopractors use and employ. when this conditon manifested itself in / on my neck. I knew I was in serious trouble, I need a neck brace and three weeks to get out of this condition. Ihave been through this too many times in Boston with doctors and chriopracters.. NOT SO IN THE LAND OF THE INIUPIAQ ESKIMO this has happened to me on numerous occassions in all these years up here. and each time it happens or any other "injury" I look oh so forward to going to the Tribal Doctors home.

It is not what you would ever expect. The results are incredible and astounding and need to be OBSERVED. and studied. The Oriental culture parctices the "art" of acupuncture" and it is accepted universally for its proven benefits.

ESKIMO HEALING: is "bizarre" is the only word I can use to describe this technique.

two fingers are usually used. lightly, ever so lightly. The doctor must continually "wash" their hands because the pain is coming out of you into their hands and some of them suffer doing this. Repeatidly washing the hands, "healing hands" and that light touch.. .. "I am going to move this pain from your neck, down to your shoulder, down your back and OUT THROUGH THE SIDE, my right side. said Titus as he was working on me one day. And that is exactly what I had felt. that lump, that knot, that pain came long the path he had just described and it felt it come out of my right side and thelook on his face was of intense pain. then he washed his hands for the fiinal time and smiled at me. I was beaming with delight at the absense of any pain and my neck was straight and that lump or pinched nerve or whatever it was .. . is gone.. total time .. 15 minutes. cost of visit "one good size fish" !

Rossella Stone is my favorite person in this village, DOrcus Rock has helped me and my snos many times. often with side-splitting laughter. Eva Long has such a gentle touch, that I often just fall asleep when she works on my neck. These gifted people. Need their food to survive so that we can LEARN FROM THEM The Inupiaq way of life is about "Sharing & caring" ! As we share our lire with your, we hope you take the time to "care" about our life ! - - We do not want to DIE!

This little fella wants to know.. "whas dat ting?"

cutting raw frozen fish to eat.. .. to help keep him.. .. "warm".

I was told very sternly.. "hey.. Pick that up!" every scrap of "trash" is taken off this ice. nothing is left out here, ever.

IT is very cold out. - 50 below w/ 50 mph winds = more than 100 degrees below with wind chill factor. She is facing the wind, while I have a hard time in this wind, keepng still or steady to compose & to create this image.

One thing I will never ever understand or ever comrehend is how? Search & Rescue can accomplish what they and only they can do.

when this wind is screaming 80 mph or more. and there is a total white out, you can't see six inches in front of you. Blistering cold, Conditions that you just can't possibly iamgine. now add.. this. it is DARK .... a hunter is missing. There will be no light. even when it is light, only the horizontal snow blowing by @ 80 mpn... it is dark and a hunter is lost. Dearch & Rescue "volunteers". somehow get on their snowmachines and head out.. to find ONE PERSON stranded, broke down, in an area the size of NEW ENGLAND. empty WITH ONE person lost way out there.. hundreds of miles away..NOW these people are very good at what they do, many times I have seen them go out in absulute pitch blaness you can't see. but you can hear them... headed out.. @ 3 am. in the middle of a dark winter night, days later.. THEY ALWAYS come back with THAT person.. safe and sound the machine is still out there.. but at least that hunter is now safe. When a hunter does not return when he tells his wire or family, suspicion is aroused... and when a day or longer goes by.. THEN THEY JUMP AND RUN. to find that person!!!!! ONLY AN ESKIMO can or could survive out there in that. alone, nothing.. can't see anything, anywhere. Not even your hand ten inches in front of your face. GO FIND MY HUSBAND. the frantic call comes over the radio CB or VHF. away they go, off in an instant. to find. ?? how do you start to begin to look for someone or something when you can't even see.????? and he is located someplace, hundreds of miles away. THIS DOES NOT MAKES SENSE AT ALL.. believe it or not.. I have an actual phtograph of this, yes I do. here it is >

go find him. 'please !
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Old June 4th, 2007, 12:08 PM
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Wow That is an awesome set of shots and a very interesting story. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you. Welcome to the corner.
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Old June 7th, 2007, 04:48 PM
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thanks for the comments..

but my "rep" says it all ! ROFLMAO !
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Old June 7th, 2007, 05:42 PM
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NOW FOR THE REST...........of the amazing story

I am 5 miles out on the ocean ice pack it is 40 below zero, i have to get moving, just sitting here waiting, I am getting too cold. On to the next camp to see what is going on.
Kathy Rock Age 10 is sitting on the seat of a snowmachine, she is very familiar seeing me on a daily basis as her Dad is Elijah Rock (below)stnading dressed in black! Elijah Rock is one of the commissioners of the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission. I had to obrtain the permission of a lot of important people before I was ever allowed down here on the ice for this sacred whale hunt, with a camera. that is not naturally accepted!

Eliljah was just one of many people Ihad to obtain permission from. The AEWC, IRA, BIA, Whaing captains, and more.

When I saw Kathy sitting on the seat of the snowmobile, I "flipped" Oh My Gosh ! Adorable, "Aningna" is the Inupiat word, Oh so Pretty..
I knew WHAT I wanted as soon as I saw her. I wanted to transform this "child's face" into that of a "Woman". Not a ten year old "smiling" nope..I wanted to have her face "transformed" into that of a :young woman" I knew instantly WHAT I WANTED now how can I made that happen. I brought my camera up and she began to smile, NO! please do not do that Kathy.. no. This is what I want you to do..just LOOK.... right past me as though I am not even here. YOU CANNOT SEE ME.. I am not here, LOOK past me and "focus" but I am not here.

I spent 1/2 hour @ 40 below speaking with her.. I only exposed ONE FRAME OF FILM ! WowoW. there it is .. yes ! YES ! -=[click]=-

for that.. .. I needed "Additional Help".
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Old June 7th, 2007, 05:59 PM
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WHAT IS AN .. "Igloo" ??

If I type in the word IGLOO I bet you think you know what that is and what that word means. I bet your wrong.

First of all, in Alaska, above the Arctic circle since eons ago, an Iglu is not built out of snow or ice. that is a myth.

Certain parts of Canada & Greenland use snow/ice for a dwelling place or unit.

There are no O's or E's in the Inupiaq language so the correct spelling is:

Iglu = one dwelling

Iglut = two dwellings

Igluk = three or more.

This broken down collapsed condo once had electricity running to it
The service drop is located on the left side stick with the old porcelean still attached.

An Iglu is make out of whale bones and sod, since eons ago, Many of the very old ruins are still visible today, and many more are still being uncovered due to erosion and the fierce weather of the North Slope.

As you can easily see, there is quite a large area here in the dining room of this iglu, some even have side rooms off to the side, An iglu was quite large, often holding as many as ten people or more. that seems to be the norm here in the village, Ten !

The Old Town site is now A Federally protected landmark of historical signifigence. $10,000 fine if anyone is caught digging in this area.

any artifacts that are found here, in the old town site must be turned in to the proper authorities.

Beach combing is a big time business in the Arctic, on any beach, Clyde Harris of Kotzebue (185 miles south of here) was walking along the beach one day on his way to work, he saw something short and stubby sticking out of the mud, he kicked it and almost broke his Toe. Do you have any idea, how difficult it is, to get a tow truck up here in the Arctic ??

Clyde bent over and grabbed that short stump and tried to mive it, the earth moved ten feet away, He jumped up and ran home, (work was cancelled) he dug this monster up, A huge fossilized Mastadon Tusk, thousands of years old
He was immediately offered $15,000 for this, Clyde said No!

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Old June 7th, 2007, 10:12 PM
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This has to be a FIRST.. .. ..

Frozen film straight into the developer, but first I bring the temp of the tank up, w/film inserted all at once.using water for 30 - 40 seconds then the developer was poured in at + .5 degree over the limit, which would stablise out at the correct temp. Processing Color film using Kodak's products, is an exacting, disiplined prodecure. Bringing down 11 x 14 prints to the ocean ice just hours after they had been created, was a first for these people to expeience and behold. I gave everything away for free. to the people of point hope.. TOURISTS however.. is another story altogether.!

Cases & cases of color paper 11 x 14
100'S OF Gallons of EP-2 chemicals were flown up here.
This is just so impressive to see these people do all this hard work without complaing.. just to eat.!

Kaptain Koday is the best for one reason: Their consistency is so accurate, it can be computed algebraicly, the forumla is on the end of each box of paper, so to avoid different filter packs or color shifts, I would purchase as much of a particular emulsion number or forumla as possible to ensure the same quaitly filter pack settings for all printing. At times minor adjustments had to be made, but I learned my lesson long ago.. stick with Kodak.. they are the oldest and perhaps the best due to consistency.

-=[Midnight in the Arctic]=-

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Old June 7th, 2007, 10:25 PM
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Really good photos.. Awesome intro and I feel for you as I have been in sub 40 Celsius temperature before while skiing near Quebec City. It was cold! I can't imagine minus 60.

I love my cameras
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Old June 11th, 2007, 05:58 AM
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Glad this one came back up and I didn't miss it! Okay....when does the book come out? Seriously....very nice images and even through the typos I found the story compelling. Well done!

AND....welcome to the Corner!


Just some old "Nikon" stuff!

There are no stupid questions....only stupid assumptions.

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Old June 11th, 2007, 04:45 PM
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Welcome to the corner!
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