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Old August 27th, 2008, 01:27 AM
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The Corner Creator
Contributor Award: This award is given to those who contribute either an article for the resources section, or contribute to the community in another exemplary way. - Issue reasonContributor Award: This award is given to those who contribute either an article for the resources section, or contribute to the community in another exemplary way. - Issue reasonContributor Award: This award is given to those who contribute either an article for the resources section, or contribute to the community in another exemplary way. - Issue reasonContributor Award: This award is given to those who contribute either an article for the resources section, or contribute to the community in another exemplary way. - Issue reasonContributor Award: This award is given to those who contribute either an article for the resources section, or contribute to the community in another exemplary way. - Issue reason
Volume 5, Issue 7 - August 2008

PhotographyCorner.com Newsletter
Volume 5, Issue 7

1) Time Flies
2) Sponsor: Kubota Image Tools
3) Corner Chats
4) Contest Corner Challenge Stuff
5) The Corner Golden Rule
6) "Noteworthy Notables"
7) Back-to-School Blues?

1) Time Flies

You know the saying "Time flies when you're having fun?" Well, it does. Summer = too much fun, not enough work. Because of vacations and other stuff, we didn't have a July 2008 Newsletter, and it's almost cost us the August 2008 Newsletter. Usually I have these out in the middle of the month... I made it with about 5 days left this month - yikes! Honestly, I just kept putting it off and putting it off. I'd schedule time in to write it, and that time would get squeezed out by other things (contests, chats, baseball... oops!). Anyways, here it is. If you're reading this, then I've obviously finished it and sent it out. Answer me this, though. Do you really enjoy the newsletters? How many of you actually read them? Reply to this email and let me know what you think of the newsletters. Maybe it will encourage me to get them out on time... or maybe it will make me cry and I'll stop doing them at the end of the year. Either way, let me know. Do you love them? Do you hate them? Do you just delete them? Do you mark them as spam (stop it!)? Do you print them out and post them on your bathroom mirror? Hit reply and let me know.

As for what's happening around the Corner, despite the months of July and August generally being the slowest months around the Corner (and online in general, I believe), it's actually been a pretty busy time around here: new server, upgraded forum software (almost done, by the way - just fixing the last couple of bugs), new Corner Chats, contests, upcoming changes to the Feedback & Critiques Corners. If you don't drop by the site at least a couple of times a week, it's hard to keep track of it all. There are a couple of ways to keep on top of things, though. The first is the Corner Blog: http://www.photographycorner.com/blog Major events around the Corner (from contests, to changes, to new tutorials/articles, etc) are always put up there, so if you have time for nothing else, just subscribe to the Corner Blog (click on that big orange and white button on the right when you get there). There are usually only about 20 posts per month, so it's really manageable (you can get the posts in your RSS reader, or even in your email!). The other way to keep track of what's going on in the Corner is by subscribing to our Twitter Feed: http://www.twitter.com/thecorner If you don't know what Twitter is, well... that's not of much use to you (check out www.twitter.com for more info), but if you do use twitter, why not follow the Corner?

Ok, this is the longest intro ever. I guess I have 2 months worth of writing pent up inside. Enjoy the rest of the newsletter... and now a word from our sponsors:

2) Sponsor: Kubota Image Tools

Kubota Image Tools is proud to offer some of the best digital photography workshops, and training products in the world. Our Action techniques have won critical acclaim from many of the world's top photographers! Using these Photoshop® Actions, you can create custom artistic images in seconds. Our business mantra is to Empower Photographers, and everything we sell and do is designed around that simple principle. If it won't help you make money, or become a better photographer, we won't offer it. Check it out: http://www.KubotaImageTools.com

3) Corner Chats

As mentioned in the ridiculously long intro, over the summer, we've held several "official" Corner Chats (of course, you're more than welcome to use the Corner chat room whenever you like). The topics of discussion of our "official" chats were PhotographyCorner-related - What changes do you want to see around the Corner? What do you think of this idea or that idea? Stuff like that. Basically, it gave the community a chance to help shape the future of the Corner. I've already got a recap of the chat we held a couple of weeks ago on the Corner Blog (you can read it here: http://tinyurl.com/6mhqon ), and the recap of our chat last week should be up soon. Needless to say your suggestions will keep us busy for the next couple of months. There will be some big changes, however, so make sure to keep on top of things (hint: subscribe to the Corner Blog) so you don't get all confused. We're planning on scheduling a bunch more chats throughout the fall, including topics like: chats with pros, specific photographic techniques, photography business help, general photography help chats, and a bunch of other topics. Where can you find out about when these are going on? That's right! The Corner Blog! I'll also post the time and dates up (once they've been confirmed) in the Corner Calendar: http://www.photographycorner.com/forum/calendar.php

4) Contest Corner Challenge Stuff

If you don't know what our Contest Corner Challenges are, here's a basic run down: Every 3 weeks, we announce a new contest with some sort of theme. You have about 2 weeks to go take and submit a photograph that meets the contest requirements (i.e. you can't use a photograph you have in your collection - you actually have to pull the camera out and take a photo during the contest period). Once those 2 weeks or so are up, we post up all the photos in the Corner Galleries, as well as put up a voting thread. The community then has 5 days to check out the photographs and vote on a winner. After voting is complete, someone is declared the winner, where we shower them with love and adoration (and some pretty sweet prizes). The next day, we start all over again. Pretty hot, right? So now you know how it works, and I know you have a camera. My dog even has a camera. You obviously have an email address and internet connection. I don't think you have an excuse not to enter, do you? (That was a rhetorical question, by the way - you have NO EXCUSE!). So here's some info on the past couple of contests:

Contest Corner Challenge #52: Feathered Friends. The challenge: to photograph a bird. Easy, right? Check out the winning entry: http://tinyurl.com/6fpq6x

Contest Corner Challenge #53: Four-Wheel Fotography. The challenge: to photograph all or part of a vehicle with 4 wheels. Get all the contest details here: http://tinyurl.com/5jg8q4

Contest Corner Challenge #54: Dark Outlines. This contest was all about silhouettes (see, you can even learn stuff doing these contests). The best silhouette, as voted by the community, can be seen here: http://tinyurl.com/6265tu

Contest Corner Challenge #55: The Face of Education. You've still got time to enter this contest. Entries are due in by September 1st. Check out this blog post for more details: http://tinyurl.com/5o825a

5) The Corner Golden Rule

One of the best things that came out of our first couple of Corner Chats was the "Corner Golden Rule." You know: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." As cheesy as it may sound, you will honestly get the most out of the Corner if you follow this rule - but specifically regarding feedback and critiques. We'll be making several changes to the Feedback and Critiques Corner in the coming months, but the rule will still apply: "Critique unto others as you would have them critique unto you." It's simple, really. Most of us are looking for honest, thoughtful critiques on our photographs. Comments like "great shot" or "I don't like it" are not really all that helpful. If that's the type of feedback/critique you give in the forums, expect to get similar feedback on your own photos. On the other hand, if you take a couple of minutes and provide some REAL feedback, I think it will catch on, and everyone will start to provide REAL feedback. You don't need to be a professional photographer to critique another photograph. Just because you don't know the difference between f1.4 and f5.6 or ISO 400 and ISO 1600, it doesn't mean you can't provide meaningful feedback - it just means you can't provide technical feedback. And trust me, there's a difference. If you like someone's photograph - tell them why. Is it the colors, the shapes, the smooth bokeh, the crop? Or maybe you could suggest a smaller aperture with a longer exposure to get a certain effect. If you don't like it, don't just pass it by - tell them why (courteously, of course). Maybe the horizon is tilted, or it's over or under exposed, or there's noticeable camera shake. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to be able to point out some of these things. Now, we're not asking everyone to write a term paper on each photograph. Even a couple of well-thought-out sentences is better than a "great shot." Who knows. Maybe in return you'll get some meaningful, useful feedback on your own photographs. Just remember the Corner Golden Rule: "Critique unto others as you would have them critique unto you," and you'll get a whole lot more out of the Corner.

6) "Noteworthy Notables"

For those that are new to the Corner (or for those of you that have never read this far down in a newsletter before), the Noteworthy Notables have been a steadfast section here in the Corner Newsletter since the very beginning. It gives a brief run-down of the cool threads, new articles and blog posts, and other "worth checking out" stuff that has happened here on the Corner. Enjoy the "extra-long-sorry-I-missed-the-newsletter-last-month edition!"

Caption Contests
See a photo, post up a caption. It's as easy as that!

The Official Gear List Thread
Ever wonder what gear everyone around the Corner has? Check it out here, and post your list of stuff.

Photo Gear For Sale Forum
Got a photography-related item to sell? Looking to buy a new camera or lens - check out our mini classifieds forum.

July 2008 Bling
Check this blog post out to see who won what awards around the Corner in July.

Articles By Amy: The Ongoing dSLR Debate: Canon versus Nikon
The age-old battle rages on.

August 2008 Bling
Since we missed a newsletter, we've got double the bling for you in this one.

Articles By Amy: How To Create Sensational Pictures Of People
Some basic things to "keep in mind" when photographing people.

Articles By Amy: Altering Digital Images - Saviour Or An Artistic Dependency?
This one has sparked a good debate in the forums. Read the article then join in by clicking on the link to the comments.

The Nature of Photography: Credibility in Photography
The long awaited article by our very own CornflakeGirl.

DPI, PPI, Resolution, Confusion?
A great look at the differences between print resolution and image resolution.

Product Review: Lowepro Mini Trekker AW II
A brief review of the Lowepro Mini Trekker AW II camera bag.

Curves Adjustments
A great tutorial on adjusting curves in Photoshop.

Resizing an Image in Adobe Photoshop Elements
A quick tutorial that simply shows you how to resize an image in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

The Key to Good Sunsets
A great overview on how to capture the perfect sunset photographs.

7) Back-to-School Blues?

For a lot of people, the end of August/beginning of September marks the switch from summer vacation to work/school. If you're a kid, you're heading back to school (or you've already started), if you're a parent with kids, you've gotta get them all ready (you know - haircuts, new clothes, pencil cases, backpacks, shoes, the works). It's usually a pretty crazy time for a couple of weeks. But once the middle of September hits, we're all usually back into our routine... and this is when traffic around the Corner usually starts to soar. All of a sudden people are downloading the photos they took in the summer to their computer, and are posting them on the Corner. Looking for critiques. Looking for advice. Looking for praise and adoration. Whatever the reason, September-December are usually the busiest months around the Corner. And really, that's great for everyone here. More photos to look at. More active people checking out your photos. That doesn't sound like back-to-school blues to me (I guess the Corner is mostly the color blue, so I suppose you could take it that way... but I think that's kind of a stretch...). We're going to try to keep the articles and tutorials flowing over the next couple of months as well. So if you're looking for inspiration, tips and tricks, or more how-to's, we've got that covered. Don't let those photos sit on your memory card or hard drive for too long, though. If you don't share them (and even learn how to take better ones *gasp*), why bother taking them in the first place, right? There are over 13 THOUSAND of us waiting to see the photos you took this summer. Share some with us, eh?

See you around the Corner,
Tim L. Walker
Tim L. Walker ||| Barrie Mortgage Broker ||| Barrie Web Development ||| thebassman.ca
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