Domke Next Generation Metro Messenger Bag

Recently, we had the unique opportunity to receive the Domke Next Generation Metro Messenger Bag and spent some time playing around with it over the past several weeks. We wanted to thank The Tiffen Company for such a gracious sponsorship and appreciate their support of Photography Corner.

As a child, do you remember Christmas Eve with all the excitement and adrenaline rushing through your veins in anticipation of ol’ St. Nick’s visit?! Well, waiting to receive the Domke Next Generation Metro Messenger Bag brought out the same childhood emotions which I thought I had lost. I have to admit that waiting for the Domke Next Generation Metro Messenger Bag in the mail was pure hell! I was so excited I could barely sleep.

My Santa was not jolly, not decked out in a red suit nor did he drive a sleigh but instead he was in shorts wearing a drab brown UPS uniform. Initially, I spent a few early evenings monitoring the street from my home office listening for the familiar rumbling of the UPS truck barreling down my street but it never came. I was religiously checking my front door and courtyard every afternoon for my “Santa” to leave me a present from The Tiffen Company but UPS was toying with my emotions.

Generally, I dislike my neighbor’s dogs because they bark constantly throughout the day and night. But on one particular afternoon, these dogs finally became my allies and alerted me to the UPS man pulling up to my curb. Suddenly, the clouds parted and a ray of sunshine reached down from the heavens and cast a light upon the UPS truck…the Domke bag had arrived! After signing for the package, I rushed inside and without hesitation reached for my wife’s good steak knives to cut through all the tape. No, my wife was not home. Yes, there was gooey sticky tape adhesive on the knife with fibers from the packaging tape attached (which I did not clean and accidently left on the counter but thats another story). I opened the box and a chorus of angels started to sing.

My baby had arrived! At 5.25 lbs, I was a proud new father of the Domke Next Generation Metro Messenger Bag. The first look at the Domke Metro Messenger it’s a beautiful bag…wonderfully crafted, sturdy and they certainly did not skimp on the bag hardware. It’s the small attention to detail such as the: “Quiet” system hook, loop silencer and antique metal hardware that sets Domke apart from the rest of the field. Let me assure you that even though weighing in at a mere 5.25 lbs, the Metro Messenger Bag is a heavy weight champion it’s built like a tank. I will stop short of claiming it can stop a bullet but its like Chuck Norris tough.

If you want a stylish bag with the utmost protection for your camera in mind…this bag is perfect! It easily handled a couple of DSLR bodies, 2-3 lenses, flash and a foamed lined cargo pocket perfect for my Mac Air. Domke provides a couple of dividers to configure the inside of your bag to suit any of your needs or desires so the possibilities are endless. Beyond the rugged good looks of the bag, I really like functionality and the ease of access of the two expandable side pockets on the Metro Messenger. It readily stores and protects any number of your accessories with ease and a perfect hiding place for your gummy bears when you are on a diet.

Need the perfect Christmas present for a photographer? Domke Next Generation Metro Messenger Bag is a photographers dream. It is available in three different colors: cordura black, ruggedwear black and ruggedwear military. Plus, I am pretty sure the Domke Next Generation Metro Messenger could possibly survive a nuclear blast. So in a post-apocalyptic world, don’t sacrifice your style or your camera…why not protect your investment, buy once and buy the best.

The Next Generation Bags are the evolution of Domke and assures that they will continue to be the leader of camera bags far into the future even in a post-apocalyptic world!