Lowepro Mini Trekker AW II

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The Lowepro MiniTrekker is a good photography backpack that is relatively small in size which is perfect if you are a nature or wildlife photographer with a medium amount of gear. It is the second version of the bag and it now also has the AW which is Lowepro’s patented all weather cover protection that you can pull out and seal around the bag.

On the bag you can also find the Lowepro SlipLock® mechanism so that you can attach pouches in the SlipLock® system which is a big bonus if you come from using Lowepro bags before.

The bag is surprisingly large and it holds quite a lot of gear. I can fit in a Nikon D50, Nikkor 18-55 f/4.5-5.6, Sigma 70-300 f/4.5-5.6, Sigma 10-20 f/4-5.6 and a Nikon SB-600 with OmniBounce as well as some Cokin Filters, holders and other smaller accessories and I still have room over for another smaller lens (like a prime). That is quite a lot of room. Also you have some pockets where you can keep batteries, cables and other small accessories as well as a large and big front compartment where maps, pens and things like that can be stuffed away.

On the front side you have a full tripod mount that fits a good-sized tripod. The mount has two straps and, depending on the tripod length when packed together, you may need to use both but they are there nonetheless. A downside is that you cannot detach them however, so you are stuck with hanging straps even if you don’t use them, which makes the bag look more like a camera bag as well, a downside if you do city or street photography.

Overall it is a very nice bag that really does work when you are out in the field shooting with loads of storage for small accessories as well as good and padded dividers for the camera and lenses. It also comes with nice and resizeable carrying straps sewn with two horizontal straps that helps to balance the weight which makes it a breeze to carry.

I would recommend this to any nature or wildlife photography that carry a medium amount of gear around with them and like a comfortable yet compact bag.