Lowepro Primus Minimus Backpack Camera Bag

I’ve been using this bag ever since I got it as a replacement for a more professional bag that I had, in occasions that I only need to take one or two cameras and not much accessories. Looks like an ordinary school back pack which is nice cause no one suspects you’re carrying expensive equipment in it. Although you can’t take it to clubs (you look kind of geeky), but for mountain climing or casual walks, etc. works well. I wish it did have more space for my taste, but I’m sure it works really well for many others, specially if you only carry one camera in which case you can use the other compartment to put other stuff in it (it’s actually designed for one camera, but I tend to abuse it and carry two cameras sometimes, although you have to use your self-made paddings on the top compartment if you decide to do so).

Lowepro Primus Minimus Camera Bag

1 dSLR with medium zoom lens attached or a compact 3-CCD DV camcorder, plus 1-2 additional lenses, charger and cords, filters, flash unit and 2 memory cards

10.2W x 5.7D x 16.5H in./ 26 × 14.5 × 16.5 cm

11.4W x 9.3D x 19.9H in./ 29 × 23.5 × 50.5 cm

Top Compartment Inner Dimensions:
9.8W x 6.3D x 9.4H in./ 25 × 16 × 24 cm

Outer fabric:
Cyclepet® Fabric: 100 post-consumer recycled Cyclepet® exterior fabric combines highly water and abrasion resistance with an ecologically minded design.

Interior Fabric:
Velex, Tricot, BK Knit Polyester


Lowepro Primus Minimus Camera Bag with TripodLowepro Primus Minimus Camera Bag with Weather Cover