Think Tank Photo Digital Holster 20

I quite often go out with my camera and just one lens, so receiving this bag as one of my PotY competition prizes was great.

Think Tank Photo Digital Holster 20 - Image 3


The Digital Holster 20 from Think Tank Photo is designed to carry (amongst others types) my Canon 20D. I like the shape of the Holster, as it conforms to the camera shape, with one straight and one curved side. However, I do find it a slightly snug fit, and I have to use the camera strap to remove my camera from the Holster (not that this is really a problem). I currently use the Digital Holster 20 for my 20D with the Canon 28-135mm lens (with hood in position) attached, for which the ‘pop down’ feature has to be released. I also have a tripod quick release plate attached to the bottom of my camera.

Think Tank Photo Digital Holster 20 - Image 4

In future I might also use the Holster to carry one, or two of my smaller lenses (using the inner divider), instead of the camera.

The zippers, sliders and metal hardware all seem to be of very good quality, and the strap is a good length. The fleece lined flap inside the Digital Holster is a good idea, to protect the LCD screen from the camera strap, as well as any contents inside the top inner pocket.

The Digital Holster 20 also features a business card holder window on the top, a side pocket (perfect for carrying spare batteries), and a seam-sealed raincover.

Think Tank Photo Digital Holster 20 - Image 5

When carried with the strap, the Digital Holster 20 unzips away from the body. Although this can be a good thing, as the flap isn’t in the way when removing the camera, it feels a little awkward to unzip the Digital Holster. I also find that the fabric ‘overlap,’ designed to protect the zipper from the metal rings that the strap gets attached to, interferes slightly when unzipping the Digital Holster. It would be nice to try the Digital Holster with the Pro Modulus Speed Belt, as this should eliminate the ‘problem’ of the strap pulling the fabric ‘overlap’ close to the zipper.

One thing, which might not be important at all to anybody else (as it’s not really anything to do with photography), is that this company has a ‘no PVC policy.’ Living in today’s world, it’s nice to know that everybody is doing their bit to help protect the environment.

Think Tank Photo Digital Holster 20 - Image 2


Overall, I really like the Digital Holster 20. It’s very convenient when going out with only one dSLR and attached lens. It’s made of good quality materials, and the company offers a good (replace or repair) warranty.

Think Tank Photo Digital Holster 20 - Image 1