TZ600 Professional Camera Bag by Kiesel Bags

The TZ600 professional camera bag manufactured by Kiesel Bags is one of the best professional camera bags for your money. With a Lifetime Warranty, the TZ600, made of 1200D Nylon, is a camera bag that you could use for years and years. The lid features a poly board for durability and the pockets are made with fused mesh for water-proofing and durability. The whole bag was built with durability and weatherproofing in mind, and is waterproof enough to bring out into even the worst of storms without having to worry about ruining your precious camera gear. With a read luggage handle slide and a customized shoulder strap that is made with a non-slip, padded material, this bag will travel comfortably, even when the bag is filled to capacity.

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That brings me to the size of this bag. With the interior dimensions of 16.5”(W) x 9”(D) x 11”(H) and exterior dimensions of 21”(W) x 13”(D) x 11.75”(H), the TZ600 can be customized to fit 2 pro SLRs, 4-5 lenses, a professional flash and accessories in the main compartment alone. With a medium format camera, the TZ600 can be customized to fit an additional 5-6 lenses and accessories. The TZ600 is loaded with pockets and compartments with multiple, completely customizable dividers in the main compartment, zippered side pockets, a large front pocket, a padded, removable laptop sleeve that fits laptops as big as 17” wide, and a great little eight-pocket memory wallet.

In conclusion, this bag is an amazing professional camera bag. While it may be too big for the average amateur photographer, anyone with more than 3 or 4 lenses and a couple of bodies will love this bag. While Kiesel Bags also makes some great camera backpacks, this bag is designed so well and is so easy to carry; I can’t imagine not taking it with me, even if I have to walk a distance. When you get it in the mail, you can see and feel the quality of the bag when you open it up and take 20 minutes looking through all the little pockets and spaces throughout the bag. With thoughtful little extras, like the eight-pocket memory wallet and the contoured shoulder strap, this bag could easily be priced in the $250+ range. At less than $150, there are no better bags on the market for your money. I personally use this bag exclusively for almost every outing, with the exception of some longer hikes. Perhaps it’s time to invest in one of their backpack camera bags.

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