Waller® Original Field Bag

The Original Field Bag, created by W. Waller & Son, Inc. is the perfect-sized bag for the beginner/amateur photographer. At 15”(W) x 6”(D) x 9”(H), it is small enough that is it easy to store and carry around, but large enough that you could bring your camera body, 3-4 lenses, a flash and accessories with ease. The urethane-backed, 1,000 denier Cordura® outer shell is water resistant, making the bag so light, it even floats (though I didn’t test this out myself, though according the manufacturers website, that bag does actually float!) The interior of the bag is composed of high density, closed cell, rigid foam protective structural panels, helping protect your equipment from damage in addition to keep the equipment from moving around and rubbing and knocking against each other while in transit. The bottom of the bag is well reinforced and will stand up even to the most demanding of photographers.

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The bag itself has a leather carrying handle in addition to a sturdy shoulder strap with a non-slip grip. The shoulder strap can be easily unattached if not needed, though the fact that it has an adjustable length makes it even more useful. The front pouch is protected by a lip all the way around the zipper to avoid water and dirt to get inside. The pouch has an elastic strap inside perfect for holder film canisters as well as an expandable pocket sealed with Velcro. There is a zippered pocket on the back as well, ideal for storing CDs or a field notebook. The main compartment has adjustable panels, perfect for securing your equipment, as well as two straps attached to the roof of the compartment suitable for attaching a large lens or a small tripod. The main compartment also features a flat panel on the front and the back, creating extra storage space for field materials and even media storage.

Overall, the Original Field Bag is a great choice for the single-camera, amateur photographer. It’s lightweight yet durable construction is a great starting place for the photographer who has enough gear to need a field bag, but not enough to warrant something larger. All in all, a great starter bag for any amateur photographer.