Eizo FlexScan S 221 W 22-Inch Monitor

The Eizo FlexScan S221W is a 22 inch, widescreen model of the low-line Eizo screens and that is something you should know from the start that it isn’t their high-end series. However Eizo has done an incredible job on this model to get a great screen for the money and it works wonderfully for design and general computer tasks alike.

The screen features the popular 22-wide resolution of 1680×1050 and it works well for design although it sometimes can be just a tad too small because you cannot fit two windows next to each other but rather a much larger instead however once you are working with Photoshop or other applications like it, you will begin to see the beauty of the larger screen space. It’s also got a pivot function that lets you tilt the screen to become a more document suited screen for when you are writing or doing word processing.

The graphical quality of the screen is remarkably well for a screen in its price-class and you’ll be really happy with it for most work. It obviously doesn’t render as good in colour management as the better screens would but it is certinaly enough to keep you happy for most work.

You get the advantage of built in speakers on the screen but unless you are only planning on playing up computer sounds you should be fine, but don’t expect any good quality music sound or even podcasts from it. Another good feature is the two-port USB hub that will be USB powered which is all in all pretty good.

If you sum up the quality with the prize you’ll start to see that you are not sacrificing a whole lot for the price of the screen but rather get a whole lot instead! I don’t see any major disadvantages on the display and I’d not hesitate a moment to recommend it to someone!