Delkin Devices eFilm Pop-Up Shades

If you recently made the transition from film to digital, you may find yourself quickly becoming spoiled to the magical automatic viewing of your photos. This mystic phenomenon is made possible in part or in whole by your camera’s LCD screen. The LCD is most definitely the trademark of the digital world. It’s no wonder then why the business of protecting these tiny windows to your camera’s memory is coming to the forefront of the accessory world.

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Delkin Devices has conceived a device to help you breath just a little easier with regard to your camera’s safety. It’s called the eFilm Pop-Up Shade and there’s more than an excellent chance that they make one specifically for YOUR camera. In fact, Delkin now offers over sixty variations on their Pop-Up Shade. A seemingly simple invention, the Pop-Up Shade provides a sturdy line of defense for your LCD when closed. When open, it acts as a three-sided canopy to reduce glare while previewing your photo. All models also feature an optically clear plastic to offer additional protection. Installation is quite literally a snap. All models are easily removable and even allow you to remove the hood independently of the frame to allow for cleaning, etc. Two models are designed to simply snap on top of your LCD screen while the other two stick on with a non-residue adhesive.

Few digital owners are as concerned about protection as those who have invested in digital SLRs. The micro-engineers at Delkin have not overlooked their largest faction of prospective clientele. Three of their four designs are geared toward dSLR models, and are designed to fit specific dSLR models.

The design of the Pop-Up Shade Pro model inevitably stands out against the rest. This model attaches using the camera’s eyepiece and grooves bordering the display. The main difference in this model, however, is the added feature of protection for the camera’s rear keys and buttons. This prevents wear and tear on your cameras remaining exposed parts.

From the Universal & Point-and-Shoot model to the elite Professional model, this simple yet ingenious device may soon become as common and essential as our UV filters and carrying cases.