The Nikon D80

Any photographer looking for a semi-affordable dSLR and wants absolutely professional results, the Nikon D80 is one of the better cameras for the job. The Nikon D80 is my second dSLR and I’ve only been doing photography for about six months now. I must say that I like it far better than the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT/350D. This camera obviously cost a few hundred dollars more for the starter kit, but the lens is amazing quality for the price, not to mention the Nikon D80 far surpasses the Rebel XT’s image quality, handling, and overall function of the camera. Canon recently released the Rebel XTI, a better model of the 350D. The only thing the Nikon D80 lacks that the Rebel XTI has, is an automatic sensor cleaner. I don’t see a point in the sensor cleaner anyway since a good cleaning kit will do a much more thorough cleaning.

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As for the modes, I use manual almost all the time, but I’ve tried all the other modes and they seem about the same and just as easy as any other camera. It would have been nice if Nikon included a spot inside the view finder for ISO, but it’s nothing big anyway. I enjoy what the eleven point AF and the function button on it, something I wasn’t used to with Canon. However, Canon does have a much more comprehensive acquisition of lenses. The best telephoto lens I’ve seen by Nikon was a 600mm, it was over 5,000 dollars. I’d recommend buying after-market lenses if you can find one good enough to compensate for the Nikon brand lens, but I must say… I have only had good experience with any Nikon lens I’ve used.

The best part of the Nikon D80 is its functionality. About the same to use as a D200 and the results are indistinguishable, I couldn’t tell the difference at all. There is a function button to turn on and off or adjust certain things that you set it to. The best part of it is that you don’t have to hold down any buttons for access to a setting that you need on hand at all times, especially in manual.

Here is a picture I took of my house when I first started using this fine piece of equipment, take note that I did not edit this at all except to size it.

You can also take a look at the sky shot that I took a while back without editing either. I only had to crop it a bit.

These are all natural colors. The only bad thing about owning the new camera at first was that I could not edit the RAW files in Photoshop, the plug-in did not support this camera or Canon’s new camera releases. I did, however, go to Adobe’s website recently to see that they have released a beta of the new plug-in that supports this and other new cameras. I have tested it and have had no trouble at all.

I have also gone to a couple recent football games and noticed that photographers have upgraded from the 20D, to the D80 and D70 users have upgraded themselves to this camera as well. If you are looking for an excellent camera will not only give you professional results, but that professional photographers even use, then the D80 may be right for you!