Photoflex On-Camera LiteDome XS

Photoflex has several products available for photographers, from amateur to professional. Today I am writing about the Photoflex LiteDome XS. Offered in two forms, one as a kit, which includes the LiteDome XS soft box, a basic connector and the adjustable shoe mount hardware. The other option would be just the Dome itself.

The X-Small LiteDome is very easy to setup and use, offering a very light weight and portable light source that gives you studio quality lighting anywhere you need it. The LiteDome is up on the list as a must have for Wedding photographers.

The LiteDome can be mounted to you camera via a flash bracket or you can use the LiteDome on a flash stand, with the appropriate mounting hardware. Either way, giving you an extremely portable light source.

PhotoFlex LiteDome XS

I have been using the LiteDome for a little over 6 months and can say that this is a great quality product, built very durable and extremely light-weight. The light output from the LiteDome takes your standard flash from 6 square inches to 200 square inches. Giving you softer shadows and improving your overall image quality plus giving you a much larger light source in a small portable package.

The setup of the LiteDome take just under a minute or two and collapses just as fast. The LiteDome is easily stored in a pouch that is supplied with your purchase.

PhotoFlex LiteDome XS