Glow by Flashpoint HexaPop 20" Softbox for Portable Off-Camera Flash

The Glow by Flashpoint HexaPop 20” Softbox turns your speedlight into a portable studio-style flash. Like the name suggests, the HexaPop has six edges, giving it a hexagonal lighting surface, which brings some soft lighting to sometimes harsh on-camera flash.

Glow Hexapop Softbox - Image 1

The HexaPop Softbox can be used as a key light off camera (with a remote trigger), or it can be attached to a hotshoe. I didn’t play around with it long, but found the sweet spot was around 3-5 feet. It has only a single diffuser panel, however, so there is a noticeable hot spot when using it closer than 3-4 feet. The six-sided shape and narrow profile provides a 105-degree light spread, which helps avoid flat lighting often caused by direct strobes. The parabolic reflector has little fall-off from edge to edge, and the UV-A and UV-R diffuser materials are apparently “exceptionally heat resistant” (though I’ve never used them long enough to really put that to the test).

Glow Hexapop Softbox - Image 2

The huge upside (other than the price - it’s currently on sale for $115!) is how easy it is to use. It snaps into place simply by unfolding the 6 rods and clicking them into place. It’s a little tougher to unclick them, but probably better than having it collapse inadvertently.

Glow Hexapop Softbox - Image 3

It currently comes in 2 sizes: 24in/60cm and 20in/50cm. It comes in a great little zippered soft case which has a carrying strap, a stand adapter, a speed light bracket, and the ring/softbox all-in-one piece.

At the price, I can hardly recommend anything else - it’s great value for your money, and an easy way to even the light with minimal cost or effort.