Review of Red River Paper by Nikon_Mario

I had the opportunity to try out some sample photo papers from Red River Paper (see for full product specs). I must say that after a rough start, I am very impressed with the product and their quick customer support. I only mention the rough start because it was due to a problem with my printer, and not the paper, which we were able to track down and correct. The speed with which my emails were answered implies a good deal of attention on their part to customer support and satisfaction. A quality that I think is important when you shop for goods or services over the internet.

The first paper I tried was the Arctic Polar Gloss C1S, (68 lb 250 gsm 10 mil), on which I printed a landscape scene with a variety of colors and tones. I was extremely impressed with the color reproduction and the crisp definition between elements in the scene. I also found the paper to be quick drying, which made for easy handling, though they do recommend that you allow all prints to dry and cure for 24 hours. The print had a very traditional ‘lab gloss print’ and, when matched with a print that I had produced by a common ‘outlet’ photo lab, the prints were indistinguishable.

The next paper I tried was the UltraPro Satin 2.0, (62 lb 254 gsm 10 mil). I printed a macro shot of a flower, and a color portrait of my granddaughter’s face. The flower was a deep yellow with raindrops, while the portrait was a full face angle with emphasis on her deep blue eyes. Again, I was very impressed with the final results, which did a superb job of rendering the brilliant color and detail in the macro shot. The portrait print did an excellent job rendering the skin tones and capturing the crisp detail in her blue eyes. I really like this paper, though I am partial to satin finishes in my photos.

Finally, I also had a chance to play around with some greeting card papers. These papers are pre-cut and pre-scored to simplify the creation of photo greeting cards. The web site provides extensive help for using the photo cards ( which includes a general FAQ, setup instructions, video tutorials and Photoshop templates.

I counted at least 10 types of paper for photocards, and took the opportunity to play around with the 60 lb Polar Matte (10 mil). Following the instructions made quick work of producing a personalized birthday greeting card for my daughter.

In conclusion, I would not hesitate to recommend Red River Paper as a source for quality photo papers. They have a high quality product, and most importantly, extensive web site support, along with a demonstrated commitment to customer satisfaction. Check them out at