Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

What a lifesaver! Have you ever had that helpless feeling when you have lost or deleted those precious photographs? There is no need to worry…Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery to the rescue! Stellar Phoenix has been in the recovery business since 1993 and one of the best in the industry. Recently, I found a compactflash/CF card which I misplaced five years ago and was able to recover all the images. Their motto “Regain Lost Memories” truly fits with what their product can accomplish. Beyond digital images, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software recovers and restores lost or deleted videos and music from corrupt, damaged, deleted or formatted cards, removable media or hard drives.

Installation of the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery was super easy. I downloaded the latest version with a simple click of a few buttons and quickly installed onto my computer. The entire installation of the software takes very little time (less than 2 minutes) and with minimum effort I began my quest to recover those long lost photographs. My journey to “Regain Lost Memories” was completed in three simple steps: Select, Scan and Recover.

I placed my CF card into the computer and prompted the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery program to read the card. I simply clicked on the folder that I wanted to recover and clicked the scan button. My CF card contained jpeg and CR2 files from Nikon and Canon cameras which it recovered with ease.

Furthermore, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery program retrieved all files and put them into one folder which provided not only the working image at full resolution but all meta data too. The wonderful thing about the recovery process is that you receive the jpeg, a fully recovered file and with the latest version 6.0 you get 30% faster recovery speeds!

Quite simply, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery can recover just about any file and you will not lose any data or resolution using this program. Highly recommended to anyone and you can’t beat the price for the program. Compatible for windows or mac…over 2 million customers can’t be wrong!