Manfrotto 055XPROB

The Manfrotto 055XPROB is a most clever tripod that is quite like a bigger brother to the 055 in its other series allowing for a very versatile use. If you are a landscape photographer you will certinately appreciate the possibility to be able to get down to as low as 7cm. Sports photographers might appreciate the fact that you are able to get to a high distance even without the center column, making it a pretty sturdy tripod for any use. It’s also good enough for most of the camera combination, up to 7kg in weight.

What really sets this tripod apart from the other tripods in the 055 series, is the center column. You have the option of ”laying it down” in a vertical position so that you get a two way choice. Either the normal standing up way, or the lying down way, useful either in studio work or in landscape work, when you really want to get down extremely low.

All in all I’d recommend anyone this tripod who are looking to get a new and sturdy tripod, that is still very versatile and easy to use with many good features at a very good price. Compared with a good ballhead, this is a really hot tripod!