Manfrotto 486RC2

The Manfrotto 486RC2 is a classical but still quite low-cost ballhead that’s a good buy for most of the persons wanting a good quality ballhead at an affordable cost. It’s got a solid build quality and doesn’t feel plastic at all and is easily secured so that it doesn’t move an inch and it doesn’t require any real force. Equipped also with a quick-release plate, it is extremely simple to put the camera on it and it is also secured tightly to the ballhead, with no risk of falling off.

The ballhead can take a substantial weight that is enough for most users, unless you are shooting with very heavy lenses, when you’ll find that the ballhead is not enough.

I would recommend this ballhead, especially along with the Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod which is a very good combination. I would also recommend it to anyone looking for an entry level ballhead which still can handle most types of cameras and moderate lenses.