USB Memory Direct Review & Special Offer!!

ABOUT USB Memory Direct:

For almost 15 years, USB Memory Direct has been the industry leader in producing customized usb flash drives. The only limitation to their phenomenal customization are the boundaries of your own imagination. As a photographer, USB Memory Direct offers you one of the best and most effective marketing tools that you could provide your clients. With an extensive catalogue and a wide array of choices, you can choose multiple options to brand your business at any budget!


USB Memory Direct offers a customizable flash drive that effortlessly shares any type of computer file. As a small photography business owner, the use of DVDs in my field are becoming obsolete. Generally, I would use three or four DVDs to get all of my images to my wedding clients. In this digital age, flash memory reigns supreme and continues its ascent in popularity with no end in sight. At just 60mm in length, they are a inexpensive and safer alternative than CDs and their stylish presentation doubles as an advertisement. Saving money and time are important to any business owner and USB Memory Direct offers you the essential tools to achieve both goals.

The wooden flash drives (WDR6 & WDR7 which we tested) come with a magnetic cap which easily secures and protects the plug of the drive. My personal favorite is the WDR7 with the bamboo design (or 6 other wood varieties to choose from) looks very modern, sturdy and can be laser engraved or printed with your logo. Combined with the tin packaging option, USB Memory Direct strikes a perfect balance between beauty and functionality. The days of the traditional “photo album” are gone, the future is here today!

Made of metal and rubber, the SMW custom flash drive is a superior option as well. It maintains an incredibly strong and durable body with a swing lid to match. provides over 12 different colors for this drive and with up to 4 color combinations per drive your options are limitless. Like the popular wooden drives, the SMW drive has a capacity that stores from 64 MBs up to 64 GBs.


As a logical DVD/CD replacement, custom made usb drives by USB Memory Direct provide your clients with a lifetime of memories to cherish and your company with a lifetime of branding. Take advantage of their many years of expertise and add to your marketing team!

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