Business in a Box for Event and Stock Photographers

Over the last decade, the photography industry has changed dramatically. The most notable change has been the jump to digital equipment, as the technology has improved greatly over the last few years. Concurrent to this change has been the exponential growth of the online photography market, currently a $50 Billion dollar industry. According to InfoTrends/CAP Ventures, as of November, 2004, 26% of internet users had photos posted on an on-line photo service. With the right technology, a photographer can upload his work to the net and start making sales. Easy, right? Up until now, creating an e-commerce enabled website was both time consuming and extremely expensive. Also, how does a photographer get the right buyers to their site? has created the solution to both problems. Their site gives photographers all of the tools someone would need to run an effective online business. As well, markets the site aggressively, giving photographers exposure to a wide range of corporate and individual buyers.

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For only $99 a year, provides photographers with a unique URL and a website that is fully e-commerce enabled, which allows the photographer to sell stock internationally, as well as set mark-ups to a variety of print sizes and over 100 photo gift items. On each sale, the photographer earns 85% commission. The fulfillment of orders and products is handled by, leaving photographers more time to do what they do best… Take pictures!

One of the nice things about the service is how easy it is to use. The easy upload tools for PC and Mac users get images online in a flash and the new event express-loader allows the uploading of hundreds of images quickly and efficiently. Once uploaded, photographers can associate images with categories and add up to ten keywords so as to be found in a searchable database marketed to stock image buyers. Photographers can even password protect albums for private showings.

Besides all the nice features and flashy design, the most important thing about the system is that it is an effective money-making tool.’s parent company, Webstorm Media, has over 8 years and $50 million dollars worth of experience in the marketing business and is therefore able to generate a large amount of sales through their various corporate contacts. Also, photographers are given access to a wide variety of assignments, usually posted by companies looking for a very specific stock image.

Although is a so called “business in a box”, it thankfully does not suffer from the cookie cutter effect. There are many website templates to choose from which can be personalized with a photo or company logo and descriptive text. The site also allows photographers to easily create personalized promotional business cards and flyers. “What we’re trying to do is give photographers tools that make online sales fun, simple, and most importantly profitable” states Ilan Artzy,’s CEO and amateur photographer, “We want our members to feel like they have the power and reach of a large agency behind them, but at the same time that they are the masters of their own destiny.”

For more information about, please read this brief overview (Adobe PDF file) of the services they offer, then visit their site at