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Since officially starting my business in the summer of ‘08, I thought it was time to have a website to advertise my services. I started looking in all the obvious places. Most website services I examined had trial offers and I thought this would make my decision process a lot easier. It didn’t!

What I found was many of the services required basic HTML knowledge, however no one clued me in to how difficult even basic HTML knowledge could be. After my unsuccessful attempts at ‘basic’ HTML I became very frustrated.

I then searched website development companies, basically someone to do it all for me. However, these companies asked for much more money than I had available at the time so my search came to a standstill, until…

One day I was browsing PhotographyCorner and a member mentioned a website service they used and loved, so I decided to check out the company. The company is called PortfolioSitez.

Upon arriving at the homepage it outlined the company’s basic philosophy: Offering low-cost solution to website design through templates, personal admin and excellent customer service. I thought after reading, ‘okay seems nice so far’ so I continued on…

I browsed their templates and was even more excited. All their templates, all four of them, were clean, precise and lovely to look at. I then went to their pricing thinking my hopes would get squashed and lo and behold I was again impressed: $11/$16 per month ($110/$160 per year) with a $20 template set-up fee. And, coupled with the fact that they were offering a coupon for free template set-up, I was sold!!

After signing up with Portfoliositez, I received my admin, passwords, cpanel, and all relevant information regarding my website within 12 hours (the company gives up to 48 hours to receive your info). Before settling into my website I did what was suggested and read all the tutorials in the pages/videos they sent me, this made the admin experience so much easier for me. After reading I went straight to my admin and started uploading and designing my site. I had, and am still having, fun with my concept because it is so very easy to do myself! They do have a trial admin were you can play around and make a ‘dummy’ site so you can try before you buy, and I recommend this highly if you have concerns about the ease of use in doing it yourself.

I think there are four people behind the scenes of the one-year old company: Jen, Jamie, Tammy and James. So far, I have had a wonderful experience with their customer service skills! They are all very knowledgeable, willing to help in any way and really go above and beyond in extreme emergencies. I have had a total of three major issues/questions within ~five months since owning my website and they were all answered and resolved within an hour or two of sending them a service ticket. They never once made me feel like my questions were not worth an answer and never made me feel like I should have known the solution ahead of time. Their customer service alone is reason enough to try them out!

PortfolioSitez just finished making updates to their four templates to include shopping carts and a client package complete with personal mini-client websites that can be used to further your photography business. Also, if you catch them at the right time they are always advertising coupon specials for free set-ups, discounted fees and so on.

I am so glad my search is over but even more glad that I took the time to find the right company for me: A company that offers beautiful designs, amazing customer service, easy self-maintenance and didn’t break my bank account! www.portfoliositez.com