21 pro tips for taking landscapes in bad weather

It doesn’t matter if it’s overcast, misty, stormy or pouring rain; with these 21 expert landscape photography tips you’ll undoubtedly get great scenics.

6 Essential Tips for DSLR Video

Make the most out the the video capabilities of your camera

4 Dos and 3 absolute Don’ts of manual exposure

Manual exposure mode is the ideal choice when you want to control both depth of field and movement blur because you set aperture and shutter speed.

Photo composition tips: how to search out new views of familiar scenes

As photographers, most of us see the ‘obvious’ way to shoot a subject instantly, but there is always another way to shoot anything.

What is autofocus? Your camera’s AF options explained

Do you find your camera’s complex AF options confusing? We get back to basics and answer the question, ‘What is autofocus anyway?’ in full and jargon-free.

How to photograph fireworks: 7 pro tips for 4th of July

7 great tips to capture striking fireworks photos

What is aspect ratio in photography? A beginner’s guide

All you need to know about aspect ratio.

The 10 commandments of Lightroom black and white conversions

Lightroom black and white conversions in 10 simple steps!

Five Lighting Setups For Shooting in Direct Sunlight

Five easy steps for shooting in direct sunlight.

Shape by Bryan Peterson School of Photography

Shape is more fundamental than form, texture, or pattern because shape is the principal element of identification. Read some great tips about silhouettes and incorporate them in your next shoot!

Perfect Portrait Tip of the Week

From Bryan Peterson - a few tips on taking that perfect portrait photograph.

Lens Diffraction

Everything you want to know about lens diffraction!

Using Windows Photo Gallery Viewer to Edit Images

A tutorial on how to use Windows Photo Gallery Viewer to do basic image editing.

Adobe Lightroom 2 Video Series - Basic Adjustments

Learn how to use the Adobe Lightroom 2 Develop Module Basic Panel to do most of the necessary adjustments to your photos.

Adobe Lightroom 2 Video Series - Using Metadata Presets

Save yourself from typing copyright information into your photos by using the metadata presets that will let you apply the same metadata information to multiple files, and save it for the future.

Adobe Lightroom 2 Video Series - Cropping and Straightening

Learn how to use the powerful cropping and straightening tools inside of the Adobe Lightroom 2 Develop Module to correct your photos.

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