DIY Photography - Flash Stand

We have all wished we could get a flash in a tight spot or an awkward position. This tutorial will show you how to turn an old house lamp into a very versatile flash stand.

The first thing is to find a lamp that you are not using anymore that has a clamp on it so you can attach it anywhere you like when you need to get into those tight spots. The lamp I chose has a strong clamp and can bend in any direction (which is a plus).

Next you need to disassemble the lamp except for the clamp and the post, those need to stay together (of course!). Be sure to keep the nut that held the lamp shade to the post because you will need that again.

You then want to drill a hole in your flash stand you got with your flash, if you got one. Make sure when you drill the hole to do it to the side so it will not interfere with mounting the flash and/or be able to mount to a tripod if you ever need to. Also be sure not to drill the hole too big.

Here is what mine looked like when I was done:

DIY Flash Stand - Image 1

Now all you have to do it mount the flash stand you just drilled the hole in using the nut you saved from earlier. Before you put your flash on make sure you tighten the nut with a wrench so your flash doesn’t fall off! Do not over tighten, it WILL break. Here’s a photo:

DIY Flash Stand - Image 2

Just mount your flash and your ready to go!

Here are some photos of the finished project.

DIY Flash Stand - Image 3

DIY Flash Stand - Image 4

DIY Flash Stand - Image 5