Photographing with Chroma Backgrounds

Learn all the tricks about photographing using a chroma background.

Adding a Neutral Density Filter Effect in Photoshop

Forget to use a neutral density filter in-camera? Don’t worry, you can add this effect in photoshop to make it look like you used one!

Bringing Back Colors in the Sky with Photoshop

Learn how to turn a photograph with a white/grey/blownout sky into a beautiful, colored sky.

Adding Detail to Bland Skies in Photoshop

A unique way to improve shots with a bland sky by replacing that sky with an image of foamy sea, adjusting for opacity, hue/saturation and brightness/contrast, to give a more unusual final image.

Adding a Mosaic Effect to your Photographs

This tutorial will walk you through the steps in adding an artistic mosaic effect to your photographs in Photoshop CS.

Simulating an Infrared Photograph in Photoshop

A quick tutorial that allows you to simulate the look of a photograph taken with infrared film Photoshop CS.

Creating a Pencil Drawing from a Photograph in Photoshop Elements

Creating a pencil drawing from a photograph can seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these instructions, you’ll be turning photographs into simulated pencil drawings in no time.

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