How to use Lightroom’s Crop Overlay tool

With the help of Lightroom’s Crop Overlay tool you can remove distracting objects, straighten any wonky horizons and even turn a landscape- oriented photo into a portrait-oriented one.

Lightroom SOS – how to rescue badly exposed, noisy shots

How to rescue a bad exposure in Adobe Lightroom

Adjusting Past +/- 100 in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw

Adjusting Past +/- 100 in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw

Light in Your Eyes

A step-by-step tutorial using Photoshop CS4 that walks you through how to lighten up eyes and teeth in your portrait photographs.

Curves Adjustments

A great tutorial on adjusting curves in Photoshop.

Shooting the Blooms

A great tutorial that explains the how’s and why’s of flower photography and retouching.

High Pass Sharpening

Learn to use the high pass filter and layers to achieve greater control over sharpening your photographs.

Adding Space To A Image In Photoshop Using The "Free Transform" Tool

Ever wished that you had just a touch more room on the side, or maybe even the top of a image but you just did not know what you could do about it? The “Free Transform” tool in Photoshop could do the trick for you, helping you to possibly save a few images that you just might normally trash.

Working With Under Exposed Images

A quick tutorial on working with under-exposed images in a post-processing program like Photoshop.

Removing Red Eye in Photoshop

A quick little tutorial on how to remove ‘red-eye’ from your photographs in Photoshop.

Easy Portrait Softening in Photoshop

Soften up certain parts of your portraits with this easy tutorial.

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