Advertising is one of the premiere photography communities on the Internet. With 25,000 members with over 100,000 discussion topics and 250,000+ photographs uploaded, is one of the most popular photography destinations for beginner, amateur and professional photographers online.

With a targeted and captive audience (the average visitor spends over 10 minutes per visit), there’s no better place to advertise and market your products and services and create a buzz and brand awareness for your company than on Visitors range from beginner photographers just learning the basics, to long-time professionals learning new tricks and helping others improve. We accept numerous forms of banner and text advertising, as well as site and contest sponsorships, which are outlined below.

Photograph of the Month

The best of the best. The last week of every month is an exciting time around the Corner as the community gets to vote on the best photographs uploaded to the site in the past month. Dozens of photographs are nominated by the Premiere Members of the site, and are whittled down to 10-15 of the very best. Then, the community gets to vote. Your sponsorship will be forefront during the entire event, including awarding the winner with a prize. What's better than being a sponsor of the best photograph from the past month? Having that award-winning photographer use and interact with your products and services. The word of mouth advertising from an awardwinning photographer can go a long way in influencing other photographers looking to use products and services like yours. Photograph of the Month contest sponsorships start at $250 per sponsorship, or you can sponsor 3 for $650. Past contests can be found here and more information about sponsorships and packages including Photograph of the Month sponsorships can be found in our Sponsorship & Advertising Package (PDF).

Contest Corner Challenges

An opportunity for every photographer to pit their skills up against the rest of the crowd. A topic is announced, and the community has several weeks to meet the challenge. Once the entries are received, the community votes on the best photograph. Your sponsorship will be included in all aspects of the contest, from the announcement of the contest, through the voting period to the award thread. In addition to receiving dozens of links throughout the site, you will also be featured in several blog posts and two press releases submitted to various PR agencies. Sponsoring a Contest Corner Challengehere and more information about sponsorships and packages including Contest Corner Challenge sponsorships can be found in our Sponsorship & Advertising Package (PDF).

Photography Deals

With daily deal sites like Groupon making a huge impact on the way people shop, we've added a "Photography Deals" section to PhotographyCorner, which affords photographers a new way to connect with great products and services offered by companies like yours! But with PhotographyCorner, there are no loss leaders, no slashing of prices, no coupon codes or profit sharing - just a place to offer deals to a captive photography community. For a flat fee of $50 (or $200/5), you can promote a sale, discount or special pricing to our community. It can include links to your site and photos of your products and services. Each posting also includes a tweet from our Twitter account and a post on our Facebook page!

Newsletter Sponsorships

Newsletter sponsorships are old school, aren't they? Do people still read "e-zines?" Of course! The old tried, tested and true is ever-present in today's online marketing world. There's no better way to reach your desired target market then to have your message placed within content that they not only read, but ask to have sent to them. It’s cost efficient, and a smart way to get your message out to photographers looking for the next goodie to buy. Your newsletter sponsorship will put your products or services in front of over 20,000 avid photographers. Featured near the top of the Corner Newsletter, which is published once per month in the middle of the month, you can be sure your message (which can be up to 400 words, including 2 links) will be seen. Newsletter sponsorships are economical starting at $300 per sponsorship, or $750 for three sponsorships. Past newsletters can be found archived here and more information about sponsorships and packages including Corner Newsletter sponsorships can be found in our Sponsorship & Advertising Package (PDF).

Text Links

Text links are the new frontier in online marketing. Who sends you most of your traffic? Search engines, of course! And how do you rank well in search engines? Text links. There's a whole industry behind buying and selling text links, but now you can buy it straight from the Corner, rather than going through a link broker. We offer a variety of options for purchasing text links, with discounts given for longer placements. Current pricing is outlined in our Sponsorship & Advertising Package (PDF).

Banner Ads

Do they still work? With Internet giants like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo buying up the major banner ad companies around the net, it's quite obvious that they still do. Luckily, it won't cost you $6 billion dollars like it cost Microsoft to buy aQuantive. Banner ads are a relatively cheap and effective way to market to potential customers, as well as create brand awareness. When people are on the Corner, they are thinking about photography. There's no better time to reveal your brand, discounts and offers than when photography is on their mind. In addition, PhotographyCorner has recently added the ability to geo-target your banner ad campaigns, so you can choose which counties will see your ads (or which ones won’t!). If you only ship within the UK, or only do business in North America, why waste your inventory on countries outside of your target market, right?

PhotographyCorner offers a wide range of banner ad opportunities; whether you want to test the waters to see if banner advertising is right for you, or you already know the benefits of banner ads and want to go for the big discounts (additional discounts of 10% and 25% available at 5M impressions and 10M impressions respectively), the current price structure is outlined in our Sponsorship & Advertising Package (PDF).


A lot of advertisers find they reach the most people during a campaign when they utilize several different avenues of targeting the same group of customers. Over the past 5 years, we've found that to hold true on PhotographyCorner as well. The advertisers that reap the most rewards when advertising on are the ones that do a combination of contest sponsorships, banners and links. That's why we've put together a selection of packages that create a full campaign for you (and at a discounted price!). All packages include contest sponsorships, banner ads and links, while some also include newsletter sponsorships and featured blog posts. Starting at $900, packages are not only effective, but also affordable on even the tightest of marketing budgets. Browse through our 10 premade & discounted packages by downloading out Sponsorship & Advertising Package (PDF).

Photography Directory Listing

We've been growing our photography sponsors directory since the site started. With new additions being added to the directory several times a week, it is well spidered and indexed by all the major search engines. In addition to creating a themed backlink to your site, you'll also find that you will receive numerous, targeted visitors from the directory as well.

To have your link placed in our sponsors directory, we have 2 options available:

1) To have your site listed in our directory for free, you must first place a link back to our site, using any of the banners or text links that you can find here. The link or banner must be placed on a page less than 2 clicks away from your homepage on a page with less than 25 links on it. Once you have our link or banner in place, e-mail us with the link to our site, along with what information you would like for your link. Please only submit your site if it is related to photography.

2) If you do not wish to place a link on your site back to, you can still be listed with a one-time fee of $40. Please pay for your link using the button below, and include your site information in the comments section. Once payment is confirmed, e-mail us with the information you would like for your link. Please only submit your site if it is related to photography. The appropriate category for your listing will be selected by PhotographyCorner.

To learn more about the various advertising opportunities that are offered at, please download and read our Sponsorship & Advertising Package (PDF). If you have any questions, or would like to discuss purchasing a current package, or exploring unique promotion opportunities or custom packages, please feel free to e-mail us or call us at 1.888.427.8299. We look forward to working with you to help promote your product/service to our active, web-savvy photography community.

Numbers and prices up-to-date as of April 15th, 2012, and are subject to change at any time, without notice.