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Delkin Devices Now Shipping New UDMA CompactFlash CardBus Adapter

As we mentioned a little over a month ago, Delkin introduced the new CardBus 32 UDMA CF adapter. They’ve just announced they’re now shipping. Read the full press release below:

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Tue, 2007–07–10 12:09
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Print Your Favourite Photos for Free...

If you own a Sony digital camera that uses Memory Stick Micro 1GB and 2GB, Memory Stick PRO Duo 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and Compact Flash 2GB and 4GB products, now may be a good time to stock up on media storage. Check out the full press release below:

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Mon, 2007–06–11 21:41
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Corner Compilation #1

There is a lot of news in the world of photography. When I started this blog, I subscribed to as many newsletters, rss feeds, press release sources, industry news, blogs, etc. as I could, so that, if it was happening in the photography industry, I would know about it and could, therefore, pass along all the good stuff to you. A month and a half later, I have 2,698 items sitting in my rss feed reader, which makes me about 2+ weeks behind on the news. Now, if I wanted to catch up, you’d end up having 25 posts a day for the next 3 days (assuming I spent all day posting on the blog, of course), and no one wants that - You don’t want to have to read 75 posts in three days any more than I want to write that many.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2007–02–08 11:48

Press Release: Lexar Introduces Two New Lines of SDHC Flash Memory Cards

Lexar has announced that new Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC™) flash memory cards will be available as part of the company’s Platinum II and Standard lines of products. SDHC cards from both Lexar product lines will be available next month in 4GB capacity, and later this year in 8GB capacity. Read the full press release below:

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Wed, 2007–01–24 16:04

Panasonic Introduces New Pro High Speed SD Cards

Panasonic has announced plans to launch new Pro High Speed SD Cards with Class 6 SD Speed specification with 1GB/2GB/4GB memory capacity. Sales of the memory cards worldwide are scheduled to begin in February 2007. Even when using the cards with the highest resolution dSLR, photographs can enjoy full performance of consecutive shooting without worrying about overflow of buffer memory. Full press release below:

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Tue, 2007–01–23 16:49

Press Release: Sony Announces 8GB Memory Stick PRO Duo

Sony has announced that the new 8GB Memory Stick PRO Duo will be compatible with all Sony Cybershot, Handycam and VAIO products (launched from the beginning of 2007), and with the Sony A100 DSLR camera. With a software update the Memory Stick will also be compliant with Sony VAIO products launched from the beginning of 2005, all PSPs (with system software ver. 2.81 or later) and Memory Stick Video Recorders. The 8GB Memory Stick PRO Duo (MSX-M8GS) should be available for purchase as soon as the beginning of February 2007. Read the full press release below.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Tue, 2007–01–23 10:49
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