Articles By Amy: The Ongoing dSLR Debate: Canon versus Nikon

The camera manufacturing companies of Nikon and Canon were the first to transition traditional single lens reflect cameras (SLRs) into the digital world. These were immediately popular with professional and amateur photographers alike, and would soon enter into an ongoing battle for most refined and enhanced in the industry.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Sun, 2008–08–10 15:13
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Bibble Labs Releases Bibble Pro Version 4.9.9

Bibble Pro Version 4.9.9 adds Nikon D300, D3, Canon 1Ds Mark 3, G9, Olympus E-3, Sony A700, and adds tethering support for Intel Mac's with Nikon dSLR's. This has gotta be the last version before we get to see version 5 (we'll have to give them award plaques when they finally get it out). In the meantime, here's the press release for version 4.9.9.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2007–12–20 15:30
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Bibble Pro Version 4.9.8 Adds New Features and Cameras

For those that own the Canon 1D Mark III, the Fuji S5 Pro, the Nikon D40x, the Olympus E-510, E-410, and SP500 UZ and the Panasonic FZ8, today is your lucky day - Bibble Labs has just released version 4.9.8 of its “Pro” and “Lite” RAW workflow software. There are dozens of Cornerites that use Bibble and love it (they also sponsored the 2006 PhotographyCorner Photograph of the Year contest which added 10 more users to the group). If you want a great RAW workflow, Bibble is the favorite of many. Check out the full press release below:

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Mon, 2007–06–11 22:08
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Corner Compilation #1

There is a lot of news in the world of photography. When I started this blog, I subscribed to as many newsletters, rss feeds, press release sources, industry news, blogs, etc. as I could, so that, if it was happening in the photography industry, I would know about it and could, therefore, pass along all the good stuff to you. A month and a half later, I have 2,698 items sitting in my rss feed reader, which makes me about 2+ weeks behind on the news. Now, if I wanted to catch up, you’d end up having 25 posts a day for the next 3 days (assuming I spent all day posting on the blog, of course), and no one wants that - You don’t want to have to read 75 posts in three days any more than I want to write that many.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2007–02–08 11:48

Press Release: Nikon Introduces All-New Capture NX Software

Last year, Nikon announced the release of their new image processing and editing software, Capture NX. It claims to be a “powerful and intuitive new software [that] simplifies workflow while reducing the time and effort required to edit and process images.” From what I’ve seen of Capture NX, it is a pretty big improvement over their previous software Nikon Capture 4. If you’re somewhat computer literate, (even if you barely know how to submit your site to a photography directory), it’s easy and intuitive enough to figure out - especially if you have some experience in a program like Photoshop. Obviously the software is only good for those of us that own a Nikon camera (sorry Canon/Olympus/Fuji/Pentax/Other owners), and there are no plans to expand the software to work with other RAW formats (as far as I’ve heard).

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2007–01–25 10:52

Press Release: Nikon's D40 Windows Vista Certified

Last week, Nikon announced that the D40 is now officially Windows Vista Certified. The D40 is the first camera Nikon has announced is Vista certified. You can read the press release below:

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Tue, 2007–01–23 10:32
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