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10 FREE business (a weird name for a printing company, I’ll admit) has been a supporter and sponsor of a variety of contests on over the years. From the July 2009 Photograph of the Month contest, and even the most recent Contest Corner Challenge: CCC#77: Fast Food, to newsletter sponsorships, banners, and even product give-aways, has become a preferred printer for many users that call the Corner home. I didn’t really understand why, however, until recently.

In case you missed it, MOO is currently offering PhotographyCorner members a totally free ‘trial pack’ of 10 Business Cards (MOO will even pay for delivery), and I figured I would see what all the fuss was about and gave it a try. I don’t usually bother with such things (as I receive all sorts of free printing offers/supplies/products from a variety of companies wanting exposure on the Corner), but after reading raving reviews, I figure the 3-5 minutes it would take to place my free order, it would at least be worth the time. I went through the clean and easy ordering process (gotta love when the total comes to $0.00 including shipping), and shortly thereafter received an email from “Little Moo” (their email bot) telling me that they had received my order, and that shortly “Big Moo” (their print machine) would be printing my order. A few days later, I receive another email letting me know my order had printed and had been shipped, and later that week, I had the cards in my hands.

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Wed, 2010–09–08 01:01
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Kodak Contest Winners Announced!

It’s the moment many of you have been anxiously awaiting. We’ve seen the entries, but who are the winners? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, take a look at the contest we announced in partnership with Kodak. Without further adieu, the winners are (drum roll please….)…

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2007–12–06 00:44
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Kodak Contest Update: Final Entries

Remember that Kodak Contest we announced last month, where you win a Kodak EasyShare 5300 printer, and a chance to have one of your photographs displayed on the Kodak Electronic Display in Times Square, New York? I haven’t forgotten about it. In fact, I already know who the winners are. But before we announce those, here’s a look at all the entries!!

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Tue, 2007–12–04 15:16
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Kodak Contest – Win Yourself a Printer (and More!)

KodakIf you had to pick the coolest place in the world to have your favorite photograph showcased, where would it be?

“How about a trendy local coffee shop?”

Naw, think bigger.

“Maybe that swanky gallery downtown?”

Nope, you’re not thinking big enough.

“What about on the homepage of PhotographyCorner?”

Well, that’s pretty big… (sucking up will only get you so far)… but think even bigger…

Give up? How about in Times Square in New York??! How amazing would that be?! I know what you’re thinking: “There’s no way Tim could pull that off… could he?”….

Posted by Tim L. Walker on Thu, 2007–10–25 23:23
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