The Nature of Photography

The Nature of Photography: Finding Inspiration

At one point or another, creative frustration hits a photographer. Whether it’s due to boredom, a lack of motivation, or a desire for something new and different, the photographer is at an impasse, unable to pick up a camera and find that passion that typically drives that person day to day. It may seem difficult to get unstuck from the “photographer’s block” rut; however, there are some simple steps the photographer may take to get the creativity flowing once more.

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The Nature of Photography: Credibility in Photography

Photographs essentially serve two purposes: to record information and express artistic creativity. While in many instances these two purposes intertwine, debates arise over whether artistic creative license can go too far in certain circumstances and undermine the credibility of the story behind the image. Some feel there should be set guidelines defining the point at which a photograph becomes more a piece of art than a record of information.

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The Nature of Photography: The Basic Photographer

The purpose of most photography, regardless of the style used, is to offer an analysis or tell a story about the subject, be it a person, an activity, or an inanimate object. Some photographers make simple statements in the forms of aphorisms or witticisms, while others aim to deliver profound messages about topics such as poverty or environmental pollution. The statement that an image does make, its mood and relationships it expresses, are built up from the details contained within the image. While the viewer has a responsibility to “see” everything that is in the photograph and respond to it, the photographer is accountable for including an expressive component within the image that the viewer may identify with.

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The Nature of Photography: Feature Photographs

Feature photography is a style often attributed to photojournalists, but used by many other types of photographers. The essence of the style is to capture candid shots of real life that provoke an emotional response. When included in a newspaper or magazine, the pictures often stand alone, so they must tell the story with little to no text.

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Two More Authors Coming to the Corner Blog

Just in case you didn’t have enough reasons to read The Corner Blog, here are two more for you…

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